Stitch Fix Review By Kelly: A Home Run Fix!

So you guys- this fix was a home run!  When I first tore open my box and saw everything, I was a little confused since everything was either black or white.  But, my wonderful stylist knows me well and mentioned that she knew I loved neutrals and was just going to stop fighting it and give me what she knows I’d like.  Well…..she was right!  I loved just about everything!


I asked for a pair of white shorts or pants.  I only have one pair from years ago that are too small for me now, and my wardrobe is seriously lacking some white bottoms.  Kristy sent these white bermuda shorts.  They’re great!  You can put them in the washer and dryer, so that’s always a plus.  They are also pretty thick so they aren’t really see through.  It feels great to have white bottoms that fit again!  I have a ton of shirts that have been screaming for some white shorts!

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