Stitch Fix Review by Kelli: Stitch Fix consistently picks out jeans that fit

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I was beyond excited to get my new box.  It was full of staples I absolutely couldn’t live without.

This lovely top I’ve worn tucked in as shown but also loose over black jeans to teach.  Super comfortable and just dressy enough without being overkill.

My favorite part about this outfit is the jeans. Listen, I’ve got hips… and a butt, the only person that thought it was a secret was me. After years of hating them, I’ve made peace with them. Every one of us has a different body, I stopped trying to make mine look like someone else’s. I love that Stitch Fix consistently picks out jeans that fit my hips and waist comfortably and confidently. These are just such a fun fall color!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Kelli -

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