Stitch Fix Review by Julie: It’s A Win For Me!

Clothes handpicked by my own personal stylist and then delivered right to my doorstep. What could be better than that? For a busy working mother like me who lives in the middle of nowhere there really isn’t anything!

This is by far my favorite item of this fix. Love, Love, Love it. I find it super flattering and the print is a little out of what I would usually get but that’s why I signed up for these fixes. I’m super excited to be able to break this out with the warming temperatures this spring.

Overall, I’m very glad I gave Stitch Fix a second chance and took the time to give my stylist an insight to my likes and wants. The items I received reminded me of what I would get at a boutique store and this is the look I’m going for. This gives me cute clothes and no time spent on it. It’s a win for me!


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