Stitch Fix Review by JoAnn: I don’t think I will ever need to go clothes shopping again!

The print jumped out at me right away when I put this blouse on.  It is so different from everything I own. I also love the cutout in the back. And, since Stitch Fix basically knows my entire wardrobe by now, my stylist suggested I pair it with my black-and-white striped blazer.

Not a combination I would have ever tried before, and yet it works wonderfully.  I kept this shirt as well.  This outfit will be my Saturday conference wear.

So, if you were keeping track, I bought the entire box.  As I checked out of Stitch Fix this time, I believe my note read, “Darn you, Stitch Fix, you did it once again and I bought the entire box of clothes.”  Not that I am complaining.  My stylist picked out some amazing things and I am incredibly grateful!  I don’t think I will ever need to go clothes shopping again and for that, I am ecstatic!

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