Stitch Fix Review By Jo Ann: So Bright And Spectacular!

The doorbell rang.  The dog started to bark.  My kids were both having an afternoon snack at the kitchen table.   I peeked out the window and onto my front step.  Tucked in between the flower pot and doorframe was a cardboard package with a teal emblem. Stitch Fix time!

I’ve mentioned in my previous posts how I no longer go clothes shopping.  Stitch Fix now knows exactly what I like since I have used the service for just about a year now. This time, I was searching for a new top (or two) to add to my wardrobe.  Something bright and colorful to add a little vibrance.


Ohh.. the color.  This emerald just made me feel so fancy and pretty.  At first, I thought I would hate this peasant top.  But once I put it on, it won me over.  It’s so bright and spectacular!  I have no color like it my wardrobe, so I kept it. As always, this box was so much fun and most definitely beats taking a 1 year old shopping!

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