Stitch Fix Review by Jimmie – My stylist listened!

I was so excited when I opened my box. The colors were really inviting. I prefer vivid, happy tones, and I repeated that request all over my Pinterest StitchFix board and in my personal profile. My stylist listened! She also chose tops for me precisely based on what I said about my body shape. And she was right!

Wow wee! This dress fits like a dream. Most wrap dresses gape at the bust, but this one lays flat and comes up high —a no-fear kind of dress. I can bend and move without any wardrobe malfunctions. I adore the colors too! I was iffy about those 3/4 sleeves, but they really work with the whole dress. In all, it was a very fun experience to get my first Fix.

Stitch Fix Review by Jimmie

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