Stitch Fix Review by Jess: I can see myself wearing this a lot

I know a lot of people are starting to sign off for the holidays, but I’m not done quite yet – and I’ve got my December Stitch Fix to show you today! I’m trying to be more intentional about my closet and what I add to it, so sometimes even if I like something, I end up sending it back. I only want to be keeping things I love!

When this showed up in my box, I honestly had forgotten I pinned it! This is one of those things I really went back and forth on. One – it’s super cute and unique. Two – it’s a little shorter than I like for my shirts. The question is, did I like it enough to keep anyway? When I tried it on, I kept a cami on underneath, and honestly? It worked! I can see myself wearing this a lot – the colors are neutral, but versatile and fun, and I love polka dots. In the end, I decided I loved it too much to send back.

Stitch Fix Review by Jess! 19 Cooper Cathleen Metallic Dot Tulip-Sleeve Blouse

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