Stitch Fix Review by Jamie: Stitch Fix Has Been Winning!

And finally, this top might be my very favorite. The Chauntal Leopard Print Contrast Trim Blouse was a fun addition to my closet since I’ve been wanting to add more prints. The simple pop of pink was perfect, too!

I was really late to the Stitch Fix party, but once I got involved, I realized I get excited for EVERY single email they send my way. I track my shipments and I look forward to the next box, even IF I have to space them out pretty far, to protect budget from my impulsive buyer ways. :)

I love that I can set up my style profile on their site and a stylist picks clothes out for me that they think I might like. So far, Stitch Fix has been winning! :) I can’t wait for my next box and I love that I’m getting stylish and trendy clothes without having to haul my three little ones with me to the store. Trying on clothes is practically NOT an option. This works perfect for me!

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