Stitch Fix Review By Jamie: Simplifying My Closet!

A white and turquoise Stitch Fix box by the front door makes for a seriously happy mail day. And happened to coordinate just perfectly with the giant tea mug in my hand.


Since I’d pinned this exact cardigan, my stylist included it in my fix. Of course I like how cute it is, but I also love that it’s so lightweight. Perfect for spring here in Georgia on those days I can never figure how to dress because the temperature fluctuates so much. Or in summer when it’s 100 degrees outside but every store cranks the air conditioning up to arctic temperature. The jeans fit great. When my first fix didn’t quite fit the way I like, I went in and tweaked my profile settings. This fix was much better. I like the distressed-but-not-too-distressed look here, and the dark wash. That big cuff is stitched, but if I wanted, I could snip the tiny stitch to wear them long. Super comfy, too, with a bit of stretch.

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