Stitch Fix Review by Heather: I decided to try a maternity “fix”

I used to think I was some sort of freak because I really don’t like to shop for clothes! However, since the inception of Stitch Fix I’ve seen more and more women confess to feeling the same way! I tried Stitch Fix last spring and loved 4 out of my 5 items, 2 of which became my favorite summer wardrobe essentials! Once our precious baby number 4 was on her way, I decided to try a maternity “fix.”

My favorite item was the cream and orange tunic. Since it has 3/4 sleeves, it’s just warm enough for most fall/winter days here in Texas, especially with your own personal oven keeping you toasty. But it also lends itself well to adding cozy layers for the few days it actually does get cold. And it’s nice and long, so it’s perfect for pairing with leggings and boots and being totally comfy while looking cute…or as cute as you can look when you’re all puffy, and have blotchy skin, and waddle when you walk.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Heather -

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