Stitch Fix Review By Greta: Started Stitch Fix & Never Looked Back!

Yes, I have a personal stylist.  No, I’m not fancy – I just love the online styling service Stitch Fix…and recently received my sixth Fix since last August!  I don’t have a huge clothing budget, but what I do have I want to make smart + fun decisions with.  Plus, I’m a busy mama of two little ones and when I get free time I no longer want to spend it scouring the malls looking for the perfect piece for my wardrobe.  So I started using Stitch Fix and haven’t looked back.
I LOOOOOVE these pants. I requested olive green cropped pants, and my stylist picked the perfect pair.  I am not sure why they are called joggers (the draw string?) because I would never run in them, but they are a really comfy linen blend and the perfect length.  I love cropped pants in the summer to show off cute shoes!  Of course I adore the color, being a total olive green fanatic (always have been…so I am glad it is on-trend!)
I feel pretty confident requesting Hillary to style me again!  She responded to my requests really well and clearly was able to figure out my style aptly by checking out my Pinterest fashion board that I link to my Stitch Fix profile.

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