Stitch Fix Review by Gina: Stitch Fix is for you

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WOW! If you’re anything like me and a bit “style-challenged”, Stitch Fix is for you. I struggle when I have to got out to actually “look-nice!”  I just don’t have much to choose from in the way of my wardrobe, so I turned to Stitch Fix for some help! Stitch Fix will pair you with your own personal stylist that will select five items that will suit your individual needs!  JUST FOR YOU!  Then, the clothes selected will arrive at your door and you can try the items on in the comfort of your own home with the clothing and accessories that you already own. These jeans are so soft and comfy.  Being that I LIVE in running clothes… this was a huge plus.  These jeans can be worn dressy or casual. The shirt is a beautiful burgundy/purple color and also very comfortable.  I love the side detail where the fabric slouches

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