Stitch Fix Review by Erin – I ended up keeping all 5!

I swear it seems like just about two short paychecks ago that I was writing one of these Stitch Fix posts. Speaking of paychecks – I have now been putting a portion of them (during the past 74 pay periods) to this monthly service with zero regret or guilt. I know it’s no secret by now that I adore Stitch Fix and the items I receive in my box every month. My favorite part is knowing that what I am wearing is not something that somebody else in my circle of influence will be wearing.

I knew I was keeping this one before even trying it on, but then after trying it on I knew I was keeping it even more [if that’s a thing]. I love that it isn’t too short and could be work appropriate if your work is into crazy things like no sleeves and such.


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