Stitch Fix Review by Erika: It’s a gorgeous color and pattern!

I had a couple of these Moni blouses pinned on my Pinterest board but the print was a surprise. It’s a gorgeous color and pattern, and I typically hate studs but somehow they work on this blouse. It doesn’t really go with the boyfriend jeans I’m wearing in the picture, but I tried it on later with a pencil skirt and liked it even more. I kept going back and forth about keeping this, and I actually had it all ready to return but decided to enlist Stephen’s opinion. He’s always honest when I ask for his opinion on clothes whether he loves something or hates it (he actually told me my top looked like a grandpa sweater last week ha). Anyways, he really, really liked this top so I changed my mind about keeping it, which is good because I think I would have regretted sending it back.


Stitch Fix Review

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