Stitch Fix Review by Elizabeth: It makes me feel confident!

I opened up my fourth Stitch Fix box this week, and it was just as wonderful as each one before it. I am kind of in the middle of re-evaluating and re-thinking the way I look at my closet and I am so thankful for Stitch Fix in the midst of it.

Having someone else, from the outside looking in, pick out some key pieces and listen to my style needs has been huge in me seeing the styles I like and the minimalist lifestyle I desire.

I put this top on and could not take it off. The comfort is all kinds of wonderful, the cut & style is perfect, and it was just me. I could also easily wear it with so many outfits and that, my friend, is longevity! The clutch also stole my heart when I also saw it had straps. Everyone needs a giant bag and a little bag. I have not been using anything else since I got it! the over the shoulder thing is SO great. I wish I discovered my love for it earlier!


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