Stitch Fix Review by Elif: I opened this Stitch Fix box and squealed

I think for me, sharing the Stitch Fix excitement with fellow SF fans is one of the most fun parts of getting this personal styling service each month (and sometimes twice a month). It’s lovely to hear what you all think of the pieces I get, and hear about your own recent Stitch Fix experiences.

This jacket!!!! I’ve been pining for it since I first saw it as a part of new Stitch Fix pieces a long time ago. In my notes to the stylist, I kept mentioning colored jackets every single box. Finally I opened this Stitch Fix box and squealed. It’s the MOST stunning faux leather jacket. I can’t get over the pretty color. This is the fourth really cool faux leather jacket I am keeping from Stitch Fix.


See the full post from The Box Queen.

Get your own Fix at Stitch Fix.

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