Stitch Fix Review by Elif: A new Spring favorite

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I requested an all spring inspired, girly and colorful pieces from my lovely stylist. She delivered per usual and sent me a bright box of vibrant colors, and prints. O la la!

Right out of the box, without even trying it on, I was completely in love with this dress. The striking floral print combined with the eye catching colors make such a statement. I also loved the faux wrap V neck style. The moment I put it on I knew I found a new spring favorite. It has a super flattering shape, I think it would fit many body types beautifully.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Elif -


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5 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review by Elif: A new Spring favorite

  1. I enjoy reading the reviews on here and seeing the different styles. I am a male gay crossdresser (CD) Trans woman. Is their other trans-women that use this site and does it work for them?

    • My trans friends like stitch fix. You can shop safely from your home! Just filling out the style forms helps you define your personal style. Beyond size you input your proportions like narrow hips and broad shoulders. And you specify areas you don’t have confidence to flaunt.

      • Thank you Rebecca for your positive comments. As a trans-woman cross dresser, I don’t mind shopping in stores for women’s clothing in stores where it is easy to try them on but, in many of the better stores, trying on clothing is a problem. Also, all women are aware of the large range in supposedly same sized clothing. Like most women I always take an armful with me to the change room. It will be great to have those delivered to my door.

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