Stitch Fix Review By Dusty: Why I Love My Stitch Fix Stylist!

I recently received my 8th Stitch Fix and I swear each month it gets better and better. had a lot of great ones over the past 8 months, but this one Stitch Fix Stylist – Sarah – really knocked it out of the park one month, so I requested to have her as my stylist every month versus getting a new one each fix.  In addition to having great taste, I love that I can write Sarah notes before each fix and she doesn’t judge me.

This top is so soft it feels like pajamas, and so flowy it hides all the flaws!  The front has this unique watercolor pattern in kind of a bib-style cut (see below) – totally not something I would ever take into the dressing room if I were shopping at a store, but once I put it on I really liked the effect.

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