Stitch Fix Review By Chelsea: Yeah, I’m A Little Bit In Love!

Can I just tell you that I’m a little worried that Stitch Fix has peered right into my brain? I was just talking to my friend the other day about how I really need to get a new pair of pants– ones that I can wear on those “business casual” occasions. A pair of pants that isn’t leggings or yoga pants, but can be easily dressed up or down. Uh hello. These cords foot the bill. They’re absolutely perfect + the fit is amazing. Not too tight and not too loose. Yeah, I’m a little bit in love.

If I saw this leopard (or “jaguar print” as Alea calls it) print scarf at the store, I honestly probably wouldn’t buy it. However, after actually trying it on I realized that it would be so unbelievably cute with just about anything. I own a pair of leopard flats that I just love– so why not add a leopard scarf to my closet as well? This one is fuzzy and warm, too. Perfect for our freezing cold Wisconsin temps we’ve been experiencing lately!

Stitch Fix Review By Chelsea

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