Stitch Fix Review by Brandi: Found a bag that fits my style and my needs

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I really liked everything in my third Stitch Fix Maternity box. It was definitely my style and one thing I’ve actually enjoyed is that there is usually one item that is a little outside my comfort zone which I think is fun. I think that my stylist tried her best to meet my requests and kept my sizing issues from my last Fix in mind. Unfortunately, I think that I am pretty difficult to style at the moment given that I am 36 weeks pregnant.

Once again, I was pleased with my Fix and felt that my feedback from my prior Fix was actually heard and noted. Next month I’ll be moving on to postpartum items and I am really excited to see if they can help me feel comfortable with all the extra weight I’ll be carrying. I’m looking forward to some cute nursing tops and since I will soon be at home with a newborn, I think I will really appreciate the convenience of this service even more.  Although the clothes didn’t fit like I had hoped, I’m so glad to have found a bag that fits my style and my needs.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Brandi -

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