Stitch Fix Review by Andy: I asked my stylist for a winter workwear fix

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Getting dressed every morning for work is just a gamble! And who even wants to get out and go shopping in this weather? Not this girl! Stitch Fix to the rescue! I was needing to liven up my workwear, and I felt like it needed a pick-me-up. So I asked my stylist for a winter workwear fix, and she hooked me up!

When I received notification that this  pullover sweater was in my fix, I was SO excited! I just knew I was going to love it! But pictures and real life do not equal perfection, and this adorable sweater just did not work for me, no matter how hard I tried. It was just too big in my arms and neck, and as cute as it is, I felt frumpy in it. It was tragic. Not really. It was just a bummer. Sigh… It will be perfect for somebody. Just not this body! Oh well…

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