Stitch Fix Review By Amy: Now It’s A Challenge!

I was so happy with last month’s box, that I specifically asked for my same stylist again.  She seems to really understand what I’m looking for or, I thought, it was a fluke.  Well, I had her again and she really does get it.  She did a great job with meeting my expectations and exceeding it.  I think I’m going to ask for Jessica again for April and see if she can possibly pull off 3 in a row!  Now it’s a challenge!


This one surprised me.  I can’t believe I liked it! I took it out of the box and I thought it was a top, until I looked at her card which styled it as a skirt, ha.  Super stretchy and very comfortable, this can be dressed up or down.  I like the ruching on the sides. Well, if we keep up at this rate, I’m going to have to start simplifying again!

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