Stitch Fix Review by Amanda: Just when I thought Stitch Fix couldn’t top a previous box, it happened.

I signed up for Stitch Fix because I find it difficult to actually find the time for myself usually and getting my two children in and out of the car for a day of shopping out on the town alone is virtually impossible at this point. Stitch Fix has solved that issue for me and I love it. My stylist honestly never disappoints and once again, my Fix was easily a 5/5, no doubt.

I have wanted to get my hands on this top foreverrrrrr now. It was a piece that I have had pinned in my style board since the beginning. The attention to detail on the embroidery work on the front (and back) are just remarkable and hit my style dead on. The light-weight linen is so cozy and flowy. Hands down, IN LOVE.

stitch fix review by amanda

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