Stitch Fix Review By Amanda: Amazing Geo Print!

Stitch Fix is the first retailer to blend expert styling and unique products to deliver a shopping experience that is truly tailored to you. Stitch Fix has got to be one of the best subscription boxes that any woman, especially a mother, could receive monthly! Believe you me, I have tried quite a couple over the last few years since subscription boxes have become the next big fad. I’m not sure about you, but I find it hard to get my two children in and out of the car for a day of shopping out on the town, so I find that this box is pretty awesome because (1) you get your own personal stylist, (2) you get five rad items based on a profile that you fill out based on your style, (3) simply buy what you love, return what you don’t Pretty amazing, eh? And yes, I did mention personal stylist!


This is possibly my favorite piece of all (aside from the bag). My stylist noticed that I had a similar print pinned to my style board and knew I would appreciate the Geo print. She was right. This blouse pairs well with shorts or blue/white denim, even slacks for a dressier option.

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