Stitch Fix Review by Alyssa: It’s exactly my style…it’s perfect

I still get super excited when I see that box on my doorstep every month. This is my 20th fix which means I have been using the service for nearly 2 years. Lovin this company! Once again, my personal stylist sent me some awesome pieces. I really appreciate how thoughtful she is with the items she selects. She refers to my Pinterest style board, my LinkedIn account, and even my blog for ideas and inspiration. I think we’d definitely be friends in real life!

As soon as I pulled this stripped knit dress out from the box I knew right away I was going to keep it. It’s exactly my style. I love the material – it’s very soft and a bit stretchy. The flat pleats in the front of the dress are very flattering and I really like the high neckline. I especially love the unique horizontal and vertical stripes on the front and down the back. You’ll likely see me wearing this dress all the time. It’s perfect for work or afternoon gatherings.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Alyssa -

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