Stitch Fix Review by Tiffany: Comfy, cozy Fall!

I was excited to receive my second Stitch Fix because I wanted to see how the stylists would listen to my feedback from the first one. For each Fix, you can write a note to the stylist on what you’d like to receive.

I really liked this dress! It’s very soft material and a very comfortable, flattering cut. Plus blue and white match everything else I have, which is convenient when you’re so bad at matching clothing like me :) I also really liked this sweater. Again the material was VERY soft and that’s a big factor for me. I think this will be a very versatile cardigan with the dark blue color and the mix of casual and dressy. This was the only piece I felt was truly “comfy, cozy Fall” so yay. Kept!

Stitch Fix Review by Tiffany- Cute navy/white dress and comfy fall cardigan!

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