Stitch Fix Review By Leslie: My First Maternity Fix!

AHH! I was SO excited when I got a notice from Stitch Fix letting me know that they would now be styling pregnant ladies (aka ME!) I was so bummed last time I was pregnant because I completely stopped my Fixes during my pregnancy with Brooks because I didn’t think it made sense, since they didn’t have maternity-wear. Well, now they do & I will totally be taking advantage!

This shirt I was immediately drawn to – because I have a solid black maternity top that is almost exactly the same. I like the black and white stripes, along with the empire waist of this top – the scoop in the back is also really pretty as well. I had so much fun with this first Maternity Stitch Fix! I loved trying new things, and was pretty happy with everything that was sent!


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Stitch Fix Review by Nicole: Edgy Fix!

I had a couple “meh” fixes where I only kept one or two items, and then BOOM. Came back from Australia to this glorious box of Stitch Fix goodies waiting at my doorstep.

I think this will be a great piece for spring! Once the weather is warmer, I think it’d be cute to pair with a white crop top and high-waisted shorts. The zipper detailing adds a little edge, and there are top and bottom drawstrings so that you can really play around with ways to wear it.


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Stitch Fix Review by Julie: It’s A Win For Me!

Clothes handpicked by my own personal stylist and then delivered right to my doorstep. What could be better than that? For a busy working mother like me who lives in the middle of nowhere there really isn’t anything!

This is by far my favorite item of this fix. Love, Love, Love it. I find it super flattering and the print is a little out of what I would usually get but that’s why I signed up for these fixes. I’m super excited to be able to break this out with the warming temperatures this spring.

Overall, I’m very glad I gave Stitch Fix a second chance and took the time to give my stylist an insight to my likes and wants. The items I received reminded me of what I would get at a boutique store and this is the look I’m going for. This gives me cute clothes and no time spent on it. It’s a win for me!


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Stitch Fix Review By Jenna: Stitch Fix Nailed It!

My normal stylist is on maternity leave (congrats, Stacey!), but my stand-in stylist nailed it for me this month. I could tell she researched what I like, what I don’t, what I’ve kept, and what I returned by her note and by her picks. Smart, smart stylist.

The skirt’s quilted texture, the top’s coral and lavender accent, the two greens together, everything ever. I simply adore both of these pieces. Additionally, I obviously have many tops to wear with this skirt, and the top looks lovely untucked and flowy with black skinnies or even some great jeans.


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Stitch Fix Review By Megan: The MAGICAL Jeans!

I’ve always loved fashion and shopping. Being able to keep the pieces for three days lets you shop with intention. You have three days to really marinate on what to keep and what to send back. Your thrill of a new buy wears out and you get more time to really understand if you love the piece or it was just the pull of wanting to buy something new. I’m in love! It really is a great service to help you build a wardrobe full of unique pieces. Plus, they are quality pieces too. I’m already planning my next Fix before I visit my sister in California for her law school graduation! I’m definitely thinking I will be requesting a new dress!

Can we pretty much all unite that jeans (and pant shopping in general) can be the hardest shopping challenge ever? I’ve been looking for new jeans for months. Months I tell you! So when I saw these I rolled my eyes. There was no way they were going to work. But lo and behold, I slid these babies on and it was magical. MAGICAL! These are the most amazing jeans I have ever worn. Seriously. They fit like a glove, are long enough, and have this amazing stretch technology where they will never sag or bag (tested – no sagging or bagging on this girl).

stitch fix review by megan

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Stitch Fix Review by Jamie : I actually feel like I hear a chorus of angels singing each time a box arrives at my doorstep!

If you hate shopping, this service is SO FOR YOU! I hate shopping, and so this is a great way for me to get new clothes and never have to leave my house. I actually feel like I hear a chorus of angels singing each time a box arrives at my doorstep. I never left the house, and new clothes arrived!

I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this cardigan. Not only is it cute, but it’s also lightweight and perfect for the summer. I knew I would keep this as soon as it came out of the box.


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