3 Things Stitch Fix has Taught Me About Fashion

1. I don’t have to match

I think one of the best things about Stitch Fix is it gives me courage to wear things together I wouldn’t have dared on my own. The other day I put a blue shirt and a black and white maxi skirt from Stitch Fix. It’s scandalous, I tell you.

2. I have my own style

On a recent retreat, I mostly wore mixed and matched Stitch Fix pieces with things I already had. Several times, friends said, “I really like your style.” Something I’ve never really heard before in response to my clothing choices. Stitch Fix (with their fantastic style guide) has taught me to be stylish and I love that.

3. I need to accessorize

Accessories really can make the outfit and even better, change what you already own into something a little different.


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