Stitch Fix Review by Anne: This dress is perfect

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I asked my stylist for an all dress Fix. When I opened my box, I was thrilled to see that she knocked it out of the park again.

I have been wanting a maxi dress for several years now, but unable to find anything that was just right. I don’t like cleavage baring dresses, and since my mastectomy, that is amplified. This dress is perfect. The material is silky and stretchy. There is a lining that goes down to about mid-thigh. The colors are vibrant. This dress will definitely be a keeper.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Anne -

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Stitch Fix Review by Melissa: So comfortable and stylish

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Am I the only one that won’t let go of summer? I am enjoying every last bit of it! So why not think of some pieces I want in my transition wardrobe, because there is no way I am packing all of my summer clothes till next year. Since we are having warm weather still, I decieded to style this look with booties rather than tights. I picked my new grey booties for this outfit. I received these booties from my last Stitch Fix box and I love them! So comfortable and stylish.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Melissa -

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Stitch Fix Review by Lacey: Petite pants!

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I work full time and I have a 2.5-year-old, so I really don’t shop for clothes much anymore like I used to. I find myself turning to Stitch Fix to save time: I really wanted a pair of black jeans, and without having to do a bunch of try-ons at different stores in the mall or order from a few different places online, I just requested and received a pair that fit great, that I could try on at home with stuff I already own.

Stitch Fix is now two and oh for petite pants! Once again, these fit really well. Can we take a moment to admire how the hem does not drag on the ground?

I also definitely felt like my feedback was heard on this one since I’d left my stylist a note about sizing on this request (and in my feedback from my last Fix). I did receive a Small for this, as requested for oversized knit tops, and I feel like the fit is much better on my petite frame. Grey is totally my style, and I’m really into this teal trim too! It’s a little bit retro and just helps make it a little more cheery.

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Stitch Fix Review by A: Great trends all in one tiny package

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With almost no guidance my stylist was able to put together a fix that perfectly embodies my style while also transitions my wardrobe from summer to early fall. She also managed to incorporate trends I’ve been asking for.

These booties are super cute! They capture a few great trends all in one tiny package. Booties are wildly popular this year so they are a fall stable and this earthy green color is perfect for fall. The added details (perforations and wrinkles) just make these all the more interesting. The size of the heel is perfect for all day wear and comfort.

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Stitch Fix Review by Dawn: I think I squealed when I took it out of the box

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With Fall in mind, I asked my stylist to send items I could potentially add to my Fall Capsule Wardrobe.  She did not disappoint. She sent booties, a vest, a cardigan, a sweatshirt and a peplum top.

I’m in love with this bell sleeve cardigan.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I think I squealed when I took it out of the box.  Not only are the sleeves FABULOUS but it has a full sleeve underneath.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Dawn -

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