Stitch Fix Review by Melissa: A great seasonal transition piece

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My stylist actually takes the time to pick out pieces that she thinks will look good on and that go together well; something I’m just not great at doing for myself.

This was the outfit that made me feel like an adult.  It’s just SO well put together and fulfills that goal of still being casual without going out in yoga pants.  The stripe top’s sleeves are just long enough that it covers enough arm for my comfort, so I could easily wear it without the cardigan, making it a great seasonal transition piece.  The cardigan is a perfect fit, falls just to the end of the top, and is so cozy and perfectly up my style alley.  Plus, I mean, it’s blue, so you basically can’t go wrong there!  It pairs well with the other top too which shows just how well thought-out this entire Fix was.  The necklace, which I neglected to get a close up of, is silver and pretty long, with seven little ‘fringe’ bars that hang down in a triangle shape.  I don’t think I have a necklace quite as long and I know I have a few tops and dresses this will pair with nicely, so it’s a keeper too.

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Stitch Fix Review by Maria: SO thankful to have a nursing-friendly top

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For my final maternity fix, my stylist was thinking ahead! She sent me the nursing panel top and now that my little daughter has arrived, I am SO thankful to have a nursing-friendly top. I had been planning to breastfeed all along and when I looked at the clothes in my wardrobe, I became increasingly aware that I don’t own many tops that are convenient for nursing. I was over the moon to see that my stylist included a casual top that doubles as a maternity and a nursing top.

A soft sleeveless top with light neutral colors was just my style. This top served me well while I was still pregnant and, now that I’m a mommy, I love the convenient and discrete side panels for breastfeeding my daughter. She and I are still getting into a groove in that department and it’s nice to not sweat the details of my wardrobe.

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Stitch Fix Review by Rebecca: They nailed it!

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Stitch Fix encompassed everything that is my style and it all fit so well. I honestly am shocked that a company could accomplish this without meeting me, seeing me, or knowing my lifestyle, but they nailed it!

I first fell in love with my box when I pulled out this cold shoulder top. It was trendy and comfortable, which is a two for two in my book. Plus, I am always down for more black and white stripes in my closet. Overall, such an easy top to throw on when running errands around town or going out for the night.

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Stitch Fix Review by Nicole: Perfect for all seasons

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My stylist really listened to my feedback in my comments on my first Fix and through my Pinterest board. It was evident how much thought she put into the choices she made for me; this box felt far more personalized to me and my style. I am excited to see what is in store for my future boxes!

I have never met a pencil skirt that I didn’t like, and this skirt is no exception! The fabric is soft cotton material with a raised, almost quilted texture that is perfect for all seasons (which we all know is a big selling point with me. I am all for adaptability!). The skirt has ample stretch to hug your curves perfectly. The high waist and below the knee length are ideal and you will feel like Joan from Mad Men wiggling around in it.

A few seasons ago, you could not go anywhere without seeing peplum everything. I have always been put off by peplum since I am a rather hippy gal, but I opted to be open minded and trying this shirt. The fabric is somewhat stretchy, but it is an incredibly structured piece. I absolutely love the off the shoulder cut and the gorgeous detail of the slits on the décolletage. This top paired exquisitely well with the skirt (as my stylist suggested), but I can also see this being coupled with tight fit disco pant leggings or capris and a leather jacket if you want to go for that Bad Sandy look from Grease. This top really exceeded my expectations.

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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: Super easy to dress up and down

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My stylist impressed me with her choices once again. She included three pieces that created a full outfit and they could also be worn so many different ways in separate looks. She also sent me a gorgeous everyday dress that is super easy to dress up and down. Its worth mentioning all the pieces were at great price points which is the cherry on top. This knit dress is THE best! I love the tone of salmon pink it came in, and I can’t speak highly enough of how comfy it is.

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Stitch Fix Review by Darlene: Carry your wardrobe into the fall

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When I first took this blouse out of the box, I was afraid it would look a bit too old on me, and I am trying to avoid that possibility at all costs!! Haha! But I did love the bright floral pattern so decided to give it a try.

The fabric is a soft chiffon-like material. It buttons up the front with an open V-neckline and roll-tab sleeves. I love the colors and the look. I asked for some shorts with a fuller leg and received these bright blue ones. I really like the fit of these and the soft Tencel fabric.

Buying a blouse like this helps carry your wardrobe into the fall. My first thought was how great it would look with jeans.

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Stitch Fix Review by Emily: Ready for a day in the sun!

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I think it’s safe to say I officially have a #fixobsession. Just give me all of the Stitch Fix boxes all of the time, k?

This piece is soo much fun and I love everything about it! The cut is flattering, the pattern is fun and beautiful, and the colors are bright and summery! My very first thought when I pulled it out of the box was “OMG this will be PERFECT for the cruise!” This was exactly like something I was looking for and I was so pleased with my stylist. I wore it the very weekend after I got it. It pairs great with white jeans, light wash jeans, or even some jean shorts. Find some summery strappy sandals and you’re ready for a day in the sun!

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Stitch Fix Reviews by Molly: They go with SO much!

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We are in the thick of summer here in North Carolina and fall outfits and fall style is not anywhere close to being on my radar. HOWEVER, I am seeing a lot of people talk about fall style and fall outfits and even though I fully think you can wear mustard jeans any season (since I do… I wear mine all the time!)

Honestly, these mustard yelllow jeans are amazing and I wear them all the time. I would not have thought they’d be such a staple for me, but they are. They go with SO much!

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Stitch Fix Review by Katie: A plus for summer clothing

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We’re finally in the midst of Summer and I don’t know about you, but it’s that time of year where I want to wear clothing that’s super comfortable, lightweight and effortless so that I can stay cool in the hot Summer sun. For my Summer fix I specifically requested Summer essentials.

I had seen this top on Pinterest and thought it was cute and would be a good top for when the weather is a little cooler or for when the office is a little too chilly for a sleeveless top. The fabric of this top is so comfortable and actually cool to the touch, always a plus for Summer clothing. If you enjoy a mix of colors and patterns this top is perfect.

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