Stitch Fix Review by Maria: Perfect for this phase of my pregnancy

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My new stylist is a part of the Stitch Fix Maternity styling team. I never gave it any thought before, but it makes sense that they have maternity “specialists” at Stitch Fix that are tuned in to the unique style needs of pregnant women’s bodies and how best to dress them in a way that is flattering and comfortable.

I had asked my stylist to send clothes that would help me get through the awkward in-between phase that my body is going through right now. (Like the fact that just about all of my tops still fit, but very few of my pants are comfortable enough to wear.)

With that in mind, my stylist sent the most wonderful jeans my way. They are definitely not maternity pants. But they have a lot of stretch and a very forgiving waistband and are perfect for this phase of my pregnancy. I have received several pairs of stretchy Liverpool pants from Stitch Fix and they are often in my winter wardrobe rotation. I had no idea they made a denim version of these incredible pants!

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Stitch Fix Review by Jenn: I think my stylist killed it

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I was pleased with the variety in this month’s Fix, and I think my stylist killed it by sending me wardrobe staples that had enough interesting detail to be entirely different from anything I already had in my wardrobe,

The final item in my Fix was this adorable bomber jacket from Dear John. The color is a lovely reddish orange, and I think it flatters my natural coloring. The material was incredibly soft, and the jacket is lined which makes it feel like a quality piece.

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Stitch Fix Review by Chanel: This has been a life savor

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Stitch Fix is a company that personally styles you and sends you clothes, shoes, and accessories from very specific details you give when setting up your account. You can pick down to favorite colors, patterns, fits, styles, prices, fabric and so much more. Stitch Fix is unique because it caters to all genders and body types, they even have maternity for all my cute pregnant women out there. You can then customize the frequency of your package once a week, month, bi-monthly or others.

The thing Stitch Fix did for me is; in your Fix you will find a very personalized letter from your stylist saying what they’re still working on finding as well as a layout of outfit options for your items. I found I came to value the items just a little bit more because they were picked out by my very own ‘stylist’ for me.

I can also tell you, as a working Momma this has been a life savor when it comes to creating and having outfits to wear on the fly.

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Stitch Fix Review by Lauren: Fashion arrives at my doorstep

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I’ll admit I was just a little excited when I saw fashion arrive at my doorstep in the form of my Stitch Fix box! The goodies inside my box this month did not disappoint!

We’ll start with the one thing I loved from the get-go… the kimono! This colorful, floral number is definitely a must have for every mamas wardrobe. I love the flowyness and worn with a nursing tank and a comfy pair of pants, I imagine I’ll be wearing this beauty all summer long and into fall! I’m seriously gaga over it.

Next on my list of favorites were the plum pants. There’s just something about pants made by Stitch Fix. They have this “Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants” thing to them, they literally fit me so well… and form to my body. I’m obsessed… and I’m pretty sure I’ve said this about every single other pair of pants I’ve been sent my Stitch Fix. Maybe one time I’ll ask for all pants?! That’s how serious I am about the comfort of these beauties.

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Stitch Fix Review by Sandy: Their stylists are amazing

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If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix before, and are looking for an update to your wardrobe, their stylists are amazing and even if you get a box you don’t love, you can give them feedback and they will improve for your next time.

I already knew I loved this brand and that their pants fit well, and I actually did need some more colored skinnies, so this one was a keeper! I love how these skinny pants have a leg that hugs your ankle so that it is great for wearing inside boots and with flats.

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Stitch Fix Review by Leanne: My stylist read my mind!

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There’s nothing that cheers up the post holidays blues more than a Stitch Fix box waiting at the door!

I’m convinced my stylist read my mind! This poncho is exactly what I needed! The high side slits are fun and allow a pop of color if I choose to wear a bright tank top underneath. The long sleeves are sewn in and definitely help keep me warm. I love that it’s over sized and very comfy. I probably could have sized down, but I just didn’t want to take this off!

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