Stitch Fix Review by Erika: I’m in love!

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I gave Stitch Fix a try and I’m in love! I had absolutely no idea it would be this simple. I basically answered a few questions online, submitted what dates I would be interested in receiving my fix, and voila! In a few days my box was here with notes and even suggestions on how to style each piece I received.

There were tons of fall colors (which I love) and fabrics that work perfectly with the balmy Florida autumn. I was impressed by both the quality and the versatility of my box.

One of the best parts about this fix was that these were all pieces that I loved when I had tried them on, but I’m not convinced that I would have chosen them myself in a store. With two young boys its tough for me to get to a store alone anyhow, but to be able to try these pieces on and get outside of my comfort zone would have never happened without Stitch Fix.

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Stitch Fix Review by Monica: She knows my style so well

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I specifically asked my stylist for some fall pieces to add to my wardrobe. I love that she knows my style so well and got perfect pieces that not only coordinate with each other, but also with items that she has included in other fixes.

I immediately paired the skinny jeans with this dolman top and love the way they looked together! The Just Black jeans are a perfect fall color that will be great with many of the pieces I already have in my closet from my own shopping and previous fixes. I have come to really love the jeans I’ve received from Stitch Fix. Their quality is better than anything that I usually purchase. These in particular are so soft and comfortable!

Speaking of soft and comfy…I could live in this dolman knit top!! It will look nice with these colored jeans or denim jeans and I want to try them with black leggings as well.

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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: Offers a great value

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When deciding on which Stitch Fix piece(s) to keep, I always take many things into consideration versatality, quality, and how much of an investment a piece is versus how many times I would potentially wear it.

This skirt wins on all accounts. It’s made of a substantial material, is season appropriate, it could be matched with a variety of tops, and offers a great value.

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Stitch Fix Review by Kelsey: This whole process was amazing!

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I HIGHLY recommend Stich Fix to anyone wanting to try something fun, something new, and to bring some excitement to your doorstep. This is all about convenience, style, and affordability!  As a nurse who works 12 hour shifts and leaves very little time in her life for “fashion adventure and style”, I absolutely LOVED Stitch Fix! I now have some amazing items that I can wear all Fall long, and I can feel confident and stylish! This whole process was amazing!

I got another pair of casual (but chic) skinny leg pants! I wore these the day they came to a speaking engagement! The were grey pin striped and SO cute! I got a ton of compliments, as I paired them with some black pointed toe pumps and a cute short sleeve slowly top!

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