Stitch Fix Review by Elif: I opened this Stitch Fix box and squealed

I think for me, sharing the Stitch Fix excitement with fellow SF fans is one of the most fun parts of getting this personal styling service each month (and sometimes twice a month). It’s lovely to hear what you all think of the pieces I get, and hear about your own recent Stitch Fix experiences.

This jacket!!!! I’ve been pining for it since I first saw it as a part of new Stitch Fix pieces a long time ago. In my notes to the stylist, I kept mentioning colored jackets every single box. Finally I opened this Stitch Fix box and squealed. It’s the MOST stunning faux leather jacket. I can’t get over the pretty color. This is the fourth really cool faux leather jacket I am keeping from Stitch Fix.


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Stitch Fix Review by Jenn: I may have a problem because I feel addicted

For Christmas I requested Stitch Fix gift cards. My family listened so I have a bunch of credit to play with! I really love this service and am beginning to feel like I may have a problem because I feel addicted. The day my fix arrived, I requested to receive text message updates about the status of my package. All day long I kept saying to Michael, “My fix should be here any moment!” He told me I sounded like an addict talking about how much I can’t wait for my “fix” haha!

I love this piece! It’s really comfortable and casual. The color is perfect and I really like the zipper detail in the back. The knit details on the arms and collar add a little flair to an otherwise very simple piece. This is an every day piece that I’m sure will get a lot of wear from this mama.

Photo by: Michael McSwain (

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Stitch Fix Review by Carissa: My stylist knocked it out of the park!

After sadly returning everything in fix #16 due to fit issues, I was anxiously awaiting fix #17. Apparently having a senior stylist is the way to go, because my stylist knocked it out of the park!  Fix #17 is a 5/5 with almost everything coming straight off my Pinterest board.

This outfit is 3 items out of the box…  THREE! I love when everything comes together and makes a complete outfit. Pictured here is the RD Style Shanda Open Cardigan ($78), Market & Spruce Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt ($48), and Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean ($88). The Colibri and pull-on jeans have been on my Pinterest forever, and I had an oversized mustard cardigan pinned from another site, so she chose the burgundy one to send and I love it. I mean how cozy does this cardigan look?


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Stitch Fix Review by Amanda: Treat yo self ladies, treat yo self

People often ask me questions about Stitch Fix. Why do I do it? Is it expensive? Are the clothes good quality? Does it come with glitter and sparkle and make-me-look-skinny-magic? Well, yes. Yes. Yes. And not really, but sort of! It is truly one of the best things I did for myself in 2015.

My clothes are a better quality. I don’t have to be a trend hound. They make a genuine effort to style you personally. Even though I’ve never met my stylist, I feel like we have a relationship and that she knows me as a person. I’m pretty sure she stalks my Instagram stream, so that helps.


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Stitch Fix Review by Karin: I can’t pass it up a second time!

I’m excited to kick off 2016 with a new Stitch Fix box. My stylist continues to do very well and makes sure she pays attention to my requests, Style Profile, Pinterest page and blog. This was a more interesting box than I’ve had in a while, and I liked that. Even though I didn’t purchase some of the more “out there” pieces, it did break me out of my normal style a bit, which is one reason why I subscribe to Stitch Fix.

Well wasn’t this a surprise! Last month I received this sweater and had to send it back because a size small was too big for me. I even checked with customer service to see if a size smaller was available, but there wasn’t. However, my stylist found an extra small and sent it! Even though it’s still just a touch boxy, it fit is much better. I expect a little bit of shrinking, too. I can’t pass it up a second time! This is staying with me.


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Stitch Fix Review by Julia: This top has been my go-to

I love to shop. I’m the type of person who considers it a good day when I come back from a shopping trip heavy with bags and having found just the right thing. A good shopping trip can completely turn my mood around. Except when I’m pregnant. I hate shopping when I’m pregnant. I got my Maternity Stitch Fix at the end of my first trimester, I figured it was a good reward for getting through the first 13 weeks.

This top has been my go-to for when I want to feel a bit more dressed up and professional. I’ve worn it to a few work events and out to dinner with the hubs. I loved how early on it was great at hiding my bump. Now the fit is a bit more snug. I wore it about 2 weeks ago and it still looked great. I’m so glad I kept this.

Stitch Fix Review by Julia! 41hawthorn – Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse

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Stitch Fix Review by Jessie: I couldn’t pass that up!

It’s time for another detour from Fitness/Running for a quick Stitch Fix review. I had decided to take a break from Stitch Fix for a little while, but then Stitch Fix offered a free styling fee for the holidays. I couldn’t pass that up! So I ordered another box.

The whole collarless thing was a little different, but the blazer was well made and would work with a lot of different items in my closet. Status? Keep.

Stitch Fix Review by Jessie!  Eden Society Cales Collarless Striped Knit Blazer

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Stitch Fix Review by Rebecca: They’re seriously just so fun!

It’s been a few months since I’ve gotten a fix, my last one was back in August/September. I had decided to hold off on scheduling anymore when I left my day job, since I really had all the clothes I needed and wanted to be better about budgeting now that I was self-employed. But a few weeks ago I decided to treat myself to a fix, I missed them and they’re seriously just so fun!

I love grey and I’ve been feeling like I’ve needed a little more of it in my life for a while now. This crossover sweater is both unique and fun! Since it covers my butt, I can totally wear it with leggings and it looks great with my Just Black Black Jeans from my first fix too! I love that I can dress it up, or it’s great for yoga or lazy days at home. It’s soft too!

Stitch Fix Review by Rebecca!  RD Style – Wakefield Crossover Sweater

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Stitch Fix Review by Courtney: Oops…..might have kept all five pieces

Hey hey hey for an all new Stitch Fix box photographed in a brand new backyard! Five new pieces of clothing in front of an all new fence. Not really. Not even a little bit. But, it’s a fun time and oops…..might have kept all five pieces.

I loved this when I pulled it out of the box but then I was 100% sure that it would not be flattering on me and that I would not like it one bit. But! I was 100% wrong. It’s freakin adorable. I have worn this more than anything else I got in this box. It’s great with skinnies and yoga’s and leggings and yep, love it.

Stitch Fix Review by Courtney! RD Style Beya Side Slit Pullover Sweater

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Stitch Fix Review by Shanna: I really do love them

You may know that we have ten amazing children in this house, so you can imagine that the holidays are filled with quite a bit of fun and chaos….and boxes! Lots and lots of boxes! So when Stitch Fix emailed to offer to send me a holiday Fix, I thought I might enjoy receiving a box in the December mail that was actually for me!

When I opened the box my eyes were immediately drawn to the Acarda Blouse. I absolutely adore the colors of this top. Of course, my favorite part of Stitch Fix is how they customize each order. I told my stylist that I had been on the hunt for a good pair of boyfriend jeans. Every Stitch Fix box includes a note from your stylist, and in my note she assured me she was sending their best selling pair! I really do love them.

Stitch Fix Review by Shanna! Daniel Rainn Acarda V-neck Blouse and Kut from the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean

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