Stitch Fix Review by Haley: I’m a happy camper!

Every so often, we chat fashion at Carrots. I hope it feels like going shopping with a friend, but not having to try on jeans….or leave your couch. So here’s the drill. I share a new box of Stitch Fix items, tell ya my thoughts, get my husband Daniel’s take, and share what I kept and what I sent back.

THIS one on the other hand, I adore. The color, the crocheted neck. So cute. And it’s still very much summer in TX. Mid-90s, folks. So I’ve got several weeks to wear this one before any real cold weather arrives. I LOVE these jeans. I had worn out a pair of Kensie jeans I got from Stitch Fix last year because I wore them almost everyday and I was very much in need of some new daily denim. I requested girlfriend jeans. I’m not sure if these are girlfriend jeans, but whatever they are, I’m a happy camper.

Stitch Fix Review by Haley: Jeans and blue crochet top!

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Stitch Fix Review by Courtney: When I pulled it out of the box I legit squealed!

This box was one of my favorite boxes I have ever gotten. When I peeked(I always peek at what I’m getting) at my box I told Jim to watch out because this might be a 5/5 ;) Fortunately for him, it’s only going to be a 1/5 but that one piece I’m keeping is probably my most favorite Stitch Fix item I’ve gotten so far! Megan is adorable and she totally killed it. Megs is def going to be styling my next fix!

And here she is. My most favorite Stitch Fix item ever ever. When I pulled it out of the box I legit squealed. Possibly did an excited jump thing. It’s gray(love). Has elbow patches(love). Fits like a glove(love). Is 100% totally my style(love). And yeah, you’ll probably be seeing me in this sweater all fall and winter long. Fair warning.

Stitch Fix Review by Courtney- Grey sweater with elbow patches!

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Stitch Fix Review by Miranda: The fit is just so perfect!

So, how does Stitch Fix know what you like? The first thing you do when you sign up is create a style profile, so they can get a better sense of what you like to wear. You can also send them a link to your blog, a Pinterest board, etc. Additionally, they ask you to specify your preferred price range (I set mine to under $100 per item), so they won’t send you something that doesn’t fit in your budget. You can also tell them what you don’t want, so if you don’t want anything plaid, you won’t get it!

This maxi dress is one of the items that I kept from my fix, and I am SO glad I did! The fit is just so perfect, which I think y’all can probably see much better in these outfit photos as compared to the video. I mean, look how cute it is! I love the green trim on the bottom and the racer back detail – I think those little touches take a basic, easy dress and make it so much more interesting.

Stitch Fix Review by Miranda! Maxi dress, it fit's perfect!

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