Stitch Fix Review by Kate: Everything kept (again)

After my first fix, I gave my stylist a thumbs up review and left very constructive feedback. I also asked her to send me some more basic/versatile pieces and to not feel pressured to send an accessory in each fix. I got five clothing items (and no accessories, as I mentioned was OK): two blouses, one dress, one pair of pants and one sweater. At first glance I was surprised by all of the blue and excited to try it all on – blue is good color for me!

If I’m keeping it real, the tag was off this dress in about 30 seconds. It looks great with and without a belt, can easily be dressed up or down, is lightweight enough for end-of-summer, but will look great layered in the fall. Long story short: it’s a winner and I knew it right away. I hope I get a mustard cardigan next time around (hint, hint!) to layer with this. Verdict: Kept. Total perfection.

Stitch Fix Review- Navy Dress Transitioning from summer to fall style

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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: I received all that I was hoping for and more.

I have fall on my mind and so does my Stitch Fix #29. In my note to my stylist, I mentioned I would like to receive versatile transitional fall pieces that of course are full of color, and fun patterns. Stitch Fix’s lovely prints have become a part of my signature style, and I love their colder weather pieces, especially long sleeves, and open cardigans. I received all that I was hoping for and more.

Pixley top has the most vibrant beautiful red and blue flower print and the lace detail on the top is very delicate and pretty. I like that the front is a bit more fancy, and shiny, and the back material is more casual, soft, and cozy. A great piece if you are looking for a lively, happy piece to add to your closet.

Stitch Fix Review by Elif Pixley

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Stitch Fix Review by Rosie: My love affair with Stitch Fix continues!

In short, my love affair with Stitch Fix continues. Somehow Brittany that styling genius knows what will look great and what will make me exclaim, ” Oh my gosh I love this!”. I’d requested more denim in the notes for this box because that’s what I wear constantly.

Brittany Styling Genius sent these  Marson Wide Leg jeans in Navy. Ah-ma-zing. Love these slash pockets. I’ve paired them with this blue Chevron patterned Blazer from my previous Stitch Fix. Love that my Stitch Fix all works together so I have a wardrobe, not just some random clothes in my closet.

Stitch Fix Review by Rose: Wide Leg Jeans form Mavi

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Stitch Fix Review by Amy: It’s super comfortable!

I tend to gobble up everything that Stitch Fix sends my way. It is fun – like big-mug-of-hot-chocolate-on-Christmas-morning-and-it’s-snowing-outside fun.  {Hey, I know how to have a good time.} BUT!  There’s a first time for exercising restraint and not keeping it all.

I didn’t love the pattern when I first pulled it out of the box, but I do love the fit and the pattern started to grow on me when I tried the dress on.  It’s super comfortable and I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.  While it is officially labeled “maternity,” the style and material and fit will work for non-maternity as well.  I love that it’s basic black and white so it can be really dressed up or down with accessories, etc.

Stitch Fix Review by Amy: Love this Polka Dot Dress!

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Stitch Fix Review by Ashley: Sometimes, mama needs a little help!

That’s right, this merchandising major, previous fashion-magazine employee, professional apparel buyer, paid someone else to pick out her clothes. Why? Because sometimes, mama needs a little help. I have been stuck in a rut. It’s super easy for me to shop for someone else, but when it comes to my own closet, I needed a “fresh eye”.

I loved this dress. The fit was perfect. It came in at the waist and was just the right length. I loved that it was my favorite color, and the green and white at the bottom added a fun element to it without being overwhelming. I needed more easy dresses for church and date nights so it was a very welcomed addition to my closet.

Stitch Fix review by Ashley- 41 Hawthorn Navy dress

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Stitch Fix Review by Taryn: My calendar highlighted in Pink, “Stitch Fix Arrives Today”

I had been waiting for it to arrive when things got so busy that I almost forgot until I saw the reminder on my Outlook calendar highlighted in Pink “Stitch Fix Arrives Today.” Definitely an exciting addition to my work week! This was my 3rd Fix and this time around I requested the same stylist as last, Heather. (Yes, you can do that!) I felt she picked out some great items in my last order as you may remember in my previous Stitch Fix Review.

This was one of those surprise pieces that I was so happy to see in my box. I am a sucker for black and white items and lately I’ve been attracted to stripes more and more. The fabric is super soft and paired with the lace yoke it was note something I could return. Love it!

Stitch Fix Review by Taryn, Striped Lace Top

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Stitch Fix Review by Kelly: My stylist is always on point with checking my Pinterest!

My stylist is always on point with checking my Pinterest page and reading my notes and feedback.  I think she goes above and beyond by remembering all of the little things that I like or don’t like generally with clothes.  Stitch Fix is a great service and I can’t recommend it enough.

I had this cardigan pinned.  I love that it’s reversible. Another thing I absolutely love about this piece is that it has a little bit of “ruching” or “gathering” in the middle of the back to make it look more structured.  It kind of gives it a feel like its crossed between a blazer and a cardigan.

Stitch Fix Review- Reversible Cardigan

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Stitch Fix Review by Natalie: Give me all the magical jeans!

At the recommendation of a handful of friends, i decided to try out stitch fix. I absolutely love it, y’all!

The perfect pair of jeans: hands to the heavens, these jeans are perfection. When i first pulled them out of the box, I was very hesitant. A stretchy band around the waist?! I am not elderly & I am not pregnant. Thankfully, my stylist informed me that these jeans were one of their best sellers among ladies of all ages.

I now know why! y’all, i’ve owned these pants for less than a month & I have already decided I need about 15 more pairs. I wear them nearly every day. The waist band never shows, they’re high waisted so your privates don’t hang out, they keep the muffin top contained & you don’t have that weird bunching at the waist because the denim lays flat against your tummy. The jean legs also fit into cowboy boots & look super cute with flats.

Stitch Fix Review by Natalie- Magical Jeans

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Stitch Fix Review by Ashley: The best part is that I still love every single fix!

Happy two year Stitch Fix anniversary to me! Yes, this fix is my 24th fix. I’ve been receiving a new fix each month for the past two years. The best part is that I still love every single fix.

I loved this dress before I even tried it on. The color is perfect for fall and the eyelet detail is fun. It is also very comfortable. I love the scoop in the back because it is high enough to wear a regular bra with it.

Stitch Fix Review by Ashley

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Stitch Fix Review by Jimmie – My stylist listened!

I was so excited when I opened my box. The colors were really inviting. I prefer vivid, happy tones, and I repeated that request all over my Pinterest StitchFix board and in my personal profile. My stylist listened! She also chose tops for me precisely based on what I said about my body shape. And she was right!

Wow wee! This dress fits like a dream. Most wrap dresses gape at the bust, but this one lays flat and comes up high —a no-fear kind of dress. I can bend and move without any wardrobe malfunctions. I adore the colors too! I was iffy about those 3/4 sleeves, but they really work with the whole dress. In all, it was a very fun experience to get my first Fix.

Stitch Fix Review by Jimmie

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