Stitch Fix Review by Tammy – My stylist delivered, both literally and figuratively!

I have had the hardest time finding a white tee that was beyond the basic tee. I wanted something that wasn’t too clingy, looked great under a blazer for work or with a pair of jeans for the weekend. When I am telling you I have searched for months without finding something, I am not exaggerating. I made sure I included several examples of styles I loved on my Pinterest board and noted this need on my profile. Stitch Fix and my stylist delivered, both literally and figuratively!

This wrap dress is a great bold print and color combo while being super comfortable. Love that I can wear this to work or out on date night.


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Stitch Fix Review by Katie – Enter Stitch Fix and cue the singing angels!

After having kids, I’ve gradually let myself get to a place where I live in jeans that don’t fit quite right and V-neck shirts that aren’t flattering in the least. I’ve been unhappy with my style for awhile now and that needed to change, but because the thought of hauling three kids solo through a mall while needing to try things sounds like some form of medieval torture, I needed to go a different route. Enter Stitch Fix (and cue the singing angels).

As soon as I pulled this shirt out of the box, I fell in love. I loved the fabric, the cut, the print, and most of all, how the sleeves and hem were finished. Love.


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Stitch Fix Review by Jenna – I’m thrilled with my July Fix!

For my July Stitch Fix, I asked for summery tops and, as always, a dress. I wanted some more casual options as I mentioned in a recent post. I got exactly what I wanted, and I’m so thrilled.

This dress is black and very, very light mint green. The fabric stretches in all the right places, and it fits just perfectly. If you want to accentuate your waist, look for a dress that is cut in this manner with stripes placed in just this way. It’s a dream!


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Stitch Fix Review by Heather – Stitch Fix Greatest Hits!

It seems hard to believe but I have had a hot and heavy relationship going with Stitch Fix since August 2013.  So, our two-year anniversary is coming up next month!

Oh these pants!! I just love these pants. More than I’d ever spend on jeans, but oh my goodness. They make me feel 10 pounds thinner when I put them on. Here they are with my super favorite Safari Photographer Vest.stitch-fix-review-by-heather

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Stitch Fix Review by Erin – I ended up keeping all 5!

I swear it seems like just about two short paychecks ago that I was writing one of these Stitch Fix posts. Speaking of paychecks – I have now been putting a portion of them (during the past 74 pay periods) to this monthly service with zero regret or guilt. I know it’s no secret by now that I adore Stitch Fix and the items I receive in my box every month. My favorite part is knowing that what I am wearing is not something that somebody else in my circle of influence will be wearing.

I knew I was keeping this one before even trying it on, but then after trying it on I knew I was keeping it even more [if that’s a thing]. I love that it isn’t too short and could be work appropriate if your work is into crazy things like no sleeves and such.


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Stitch Fix Review by Taryn – So much excitement!

I am a shopper. I would say I am in a store for the sole purpose of perusing women’s clothing, shoes or accessories roughly once a week and I fully enjoy window shopping almost as much as purchasing. So why do I need a styling service? Working full time 40+ hours a week, blogging and having a life can prove it hard to spend a decent amount of time looking for pieces I love and that are worth spending the money on when I am in stores.

The first thing I noticed when I opened my box was this gorgeous pop of coral, to which I immediately opened. I love the crochet detail at the shoulder and the gold button closure at the back of the blouse. This is definitely something I would have tried on in stores and now it will be a great piece for my wear-to-work wardrobe. Yay!


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Stitch Fix Review by Christina – They make it super easy!

So I finally signed up with Stitch Fix, my new online wardrobe stylist! If you don’t think you have a “personal style,” don’t worry – I didn’t think so either – they make it super easy by asking lots of questions and having you rate pictures to fill out your profile.

Love, love, love the color!  Looking at this shirt in the box, I have to say I wasn’t thrilled.  It just didn’t look all that stylish.  But the goal here is to expand the boundaries of my wardrobe, which means actually putting the clothes on my body instead of judging them from the hanger. So I put it on, and it’s actually really cute!  It’s flowy, it’s comfortable, and it looks good on me.


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Stitch Fix Review by Kelley – I think we are on to something here!

Upon opening my box and doing the initial look-through, I was so pleased! I liked the looks of everything! That hasn’t happened yet, so that was great! It was all so bright and cheerful and colorful! So then it was simply a matter of trying everything on to determine what to keep.

These colors are gorgeous! I love the colors, the different patterns, and the silky material of the shirt. The shirt fits perfectly, with a modest neckline and not-too-big arm holes. I can even wear a normal bra, instead of a strapless! Yay! This can be worn to work or casual, so that’s even better! Really happy with this one!  


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Stitch Fix Review by Cynthia – I cannot wait to wear this soon!

This fix (#3!) was my favorite so far. Everything really reflected my style and each piece was light and summery. This time my requests were light and flowy tops in bright colors and perhaps a kimono. I also asked for either a super casual dress or a maxi dress.

EEK! I absolutely LOVE this top. It was exactly what I was looking for fit-wise and the material is soft and cool. The red is more of an orangey red which makes it even more unique. Great job, stylist Melissa!! I’m saving this to wear for my birthday this week– it looks great with white shorts or white cropped jeans. And it will transition nicely in a few months when a cardigan doesn’t feel like an insulated straight-jacket.


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Stitch Fix Review by Mary Evelyn – My stylist delivered!

I scheduled a Stitch Fix about a month ago when all this weird Ohio weather was putting me in the mood for Fall. I requested pieces that would transition well into the cooler months. I especially wanted to try a midi skirt, cargo vest, and some tanks for layering. My stylist delivered!

I LOVE when my stylist sends two pieces that can work together as an outfit. It makes me a lot more likely to keep both pieces if they style well together. Honestly, when I first took this skirt out of the box I was like “womp womp.” I don’t usually do girly/lacy/boho and initially the cut made me feel a bit frumpy. THEN I tried it with this tank (I knotted it in the front because tucking it in was blech looking) and that’s when the heavens parted and the fashion angels were singing and a dove with the voice of Tim Gunn flew down and was like “WORK.stitch-fix-review-by-mary-evelyn

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