Stitch Fix Review by Raven: And I kept it all!

I would say 80% of the time I keep at least an item or two, but never took advantage of keeping the whole shebang. Until now, ’cause see, my shipment came in the mail the other day and item after item I was all…“I love this! And this! And this!” 

This embroidered top I knew I wanted the second I pulled it out. Casual, flowey, a little hippie…done. The necklace also came in my Stitch Fix package and I’ve yet to take it off. It just goes so well with everything!

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Stitch Fix Review by Rachel: Stitch Fix is seriously my happy mail!

Stitch Fix is seriously my happy mail. I had a few hit-or-miss boxes at the start, but I’ve found a stylist I like, my pinboards are working like a charm and each box I get is so much fun to look through and try on. Hubby snapped a few quick pics before the sun went down and I laughed at how sassy I was on camera. I just got that extra confidence boost I needed from a few well-picked pieces of clothing.

In this box specifically I loved the outdoor inspired color palette (blues and greens).  I already have plans for the maxi dress involving dinner on the beach to celebrate hubby’s 30th birthday.

by Rachel: Stitch Fix is seriously my happy mail!

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Stitch Fix Review by Heather: My stylist really listened to my feedback!

Anyways, it’s time for this month’s Stitch Fix Breakdown! Overall, I was pleased with this fix! I felt like my stylist really listened to my feedback from the month before and kept the prices relatively low. I am still enjoying the service and would love to hear your own thoughts and experience on Stitch Fix below!

The final item I tried on was the Gilli Maxi Skirt. If you know me even a little bit, you know I love maxi dresses and skirts. I didn’t think I needed to add any more to my collection, but Scott told me it was his favorite item in the whole box. So, we celebrated with a photo on the porch with Roadie. (He’s obviously doing his fashion pose.)


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Stitch Fix Review by Krista: I was going to town pinning all the things I liked!

Last month the Fix rocked! So this month I couldn’t wait till I got it. With a couple of trips coming up I had told my stylist to send me some fun summer wear. I was hoping for a maxi dress, some cute tops, and possibly a fun kimono. In order to make sure my stylist got the “hints” hehe, I was going to town pinning all the things I liked then crossed my fingers she was looking.

Lastly, Item #5 Bellini Kimono. LOVE this kimono! Love the price, love everything about it. As soon as I saw the colors I knew I was hooked. Then I put it on and was in heaven. This is one of those items I would bring on a date night and put on in a restaurant because its a little chilly but not too chilly for a sweater. It is fun, flowy, and so summery! This one was hands down my favorite!

Stitch Fix Review by Krista -

Stitch Fix Review by Krista -

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Stitch Fix Review by Heather: She’s a rock star for me!

I have been doing Stitch Fix for nearly two years and just received my ninth fix. My last four fixes have been styled by the same stylist Natalia, who has sent me two fixes where I kept all five items – she’s a rock star for me.

With Roswell and I’s belated honeymoon coming up, I requested travel friendly clothes to take along on our adventure. Let’s see how my stylist did this time! I love this sweater – the color, the weight, the cut. It’s fantastic. I grabbed the LIVERPOOL Mira Skinny Jean to complete the love and I was in love.

Stitch Fix Review by Heather

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Stitch Fix Review by Kilee: This tee is just really that flattering!

Okay, you all know I’m a long time Stitch Fix fan. I love getting my box of items styled just for me each month- and even if I only keep one thing each month- those months add up. I’ve gotten some really great pieces over the last year and now that I’m pregnant things just keep getting better. So far I’m really impressed with the fit and the quality of my Stitch Fix maternity items.

I did get this striped tee which I love and will fit me for most of my nine months. Yes, I realize I barely look pregnant in these photos- but to be fair, they were taken last month and this tee is just really that flattering! I’ve received two fixes so far with maternity items in them and my latest fix was my best fix yet!

Stitch Fix Review by Kilee!

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Stitch Fix Review By Blair: Vamos A La Playa!

I started this post a week or so ago before we left for the beach.  I was gonna write about how I of course had a Stitch Fix sent my way in time for the family beach trip and I of course was gonna bring this perfect dress with me.  Well… I obviously didn’t get it posted.  I did however bring this dress!  I even turned the car around when I left it hanging by the front door…

However, being not that well versed on family beach trips (this was a first as a whole fam of grandparents, sister etc) I now in hindsight see that there was never gonna be a time to wear this cute number.  As I was covered in sea salt and sunscreen all week and wore the same tank and shorts from the (very very early) time I woke up with the kids until I crashed early from outdoor water and sun exhaustion. But now I know.  And I still love this dress, even if it was never rocked officially at the beach.


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Stitch Fix Review By Gina: Summery, Bold Pieces!

This afternoon, I thought I’d share the latest fix, especially since it was a home run! Sometimes they are hit or miss for me, but lately they’ve been awesome. I always love seeing what other people receive in their Stitch Fix and really appreciate the fact that they now have maternity. As someone who had a hard time finding flattering maternity clothes during my last pregnancy, I would have loved to have the option to try on new pieces at home (that someone else picked out).

For this shipment, I requested some summery pieces in bold colors that could be dressed up or down, and Alexandra (my lovely stylist) definitely hooked it up.


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Stitch Fix Review By Kristen: Black and White!

My latest Stitch Fix box arrived on Friday — several days early! I had originally scheduled the box to arrive today (my birthday) as a special birthday treat. For this fix, I asked for cute summer staples and maybe a dress or two for upcoming summer weddings.


Apparently I am a sucker for black and white dresses. As soon as I pulled this dress out of the box I was hoping it would fit. It reminds me of the Herve Leger dresses I am constantly pinning to my style pinboard (thanks for noticing, Megan!). I love that the stripes are on the front AND back of the dress. The white portions are actually an interesting textured fabric & almost like seersucker? I think it adds interest. The dress is very figure-flattering also. Definitely a keeper.

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Stitch Fix Review By Kelly: A Home Run Fix!

So you guys- this fix was a home run!  When I first tore open my box and saw everything, I was a little confused since everything was either black or white.  But, my wonderful stylist knows me well and mentioned that she knew I loved neutrals and was just going to stop fighting it and give me what she knows I’d like.  Well…..she was right!  I loved just about everything!


I asked for a pair of white shorts or pants.  I only have one pair from years ago that are too small for me now, and my wardrobe is seriously lacking some white bottoms.  Kristy sent these white bermuda shorts.  They’re great!  You can put them in the washer and dryer, so that’s always a plus.  They are also pretty thick so they aren’t really see through.  It feels great to have white bottoms that fit again!  I have a ton of shirts that have been screaming for some white shorts!

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