Stitch Fix Review by Brittany: I couldn’t wait to order myself a Stitch Fix box!

Now that I’m finally not pregnant or postpartum, I’m ready to fit into some cute clothes again.  Plus, now that I don’t work in an office everyday, I feel like I need a wardrobe makeover to give myself some casual but nice looking pieces.  When I found out I was going to be back in the states, I couldn’t wait to order myself a Stitch Fix box!

I ended up loving everything that came in my box.  Plus I loved the styling ideas.  I felt like I got 15 outfits instead of five. Next, was this great, fun black dress.  I loved the black and white.  I put it on with a black cross-body purse and some black bangles and heels for a flirty date look.

Stitch Fix Review by Brittany

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Stitch Fix Review by Lara: My stylist hit it out of the park again!

I am in love with the pieces from my fifth Fix. They are comfy, versatile, and just adorable. While the lace was beautiful, I just didn’t know if I was going to like it. Then I tried it on. Oh. My. Stars. It’s amazing. Now one of my absolute favorite tops, I wear it with jeans, with skirts, with shorts, and I actually have it on with my super comfy black Liverpool pants from Fix #1 as I’m typing this. Ladies, you simply can’t go wrong with lace.

stitch fix review by Lara

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Stitch Fix Review by Greta: I got my Fix and all of a sudden, everything was lovely

Stitch fix is incredibly convenient… and so fun! The was my 7th Fix and my stylist Hillary sent me some really great items that were flattering and, for the most part, in touch with my personal style.

I have been longing for the perfect cute and eye-catching halter tank in my last couple fixes. My stylist Hillary got it right with this sweet, summery bandana print. Now, the jeans.  I love the jeans.  They have just the right amount of fading, distressing, and bleach spots to make me really happy.  Plus, they are really soft!

stitch fix review by Greta

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Stitch Fix Review by Linda: My first experience!

I’m glad Michael made me try this out. The pieces did take me out of my comfort zone and let me have fun with some color without being over-the-top crazy. Plus, 3 out of the 5 pieces were super kid friendly, meaning they could handle four baby boys climbing all over me during the day.

I loved all the tops they sent. They were flowy and cute, in different patterns and colors that I probably wouldn’t have picked out shopping on my own. I love cardigans and this was a great departure to the classic gray I always seem to go for.


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Stitch Fix Review by Rosie: Colorful Casual Perfection!

This month I got my second box and TOTALLY LOVE IT! The stylist nailed exactly what I was working for. The box was so perfect that I kept the entire Stitch Fix box!

The shirts were all made of great soft fabrics that move and float. Feminine and polished but still casual. (I’d pair these shirts with cropped pants or a skirt for another summer look.)


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Stitch Fix Review by Ashley: My stylist chose pieces that are perfect for summer!

I always get excited when my Stitch Fix box arrives. This month I was even more excited when I opened up my box and found beautiful pieces and colors perfect for summer.

I love these shorts. They are really comfortable and great quality. As a Florida girl, I am always looking for cute casual clothes for our hot summers.


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Stitch Fix Review by Amy: I have a little obsession called Stitch Fix

Most of you know that I have a little obsession called Stitch Fix.  I love presents, I love clothes and Stitch Fix is both wrapped into one.  A happy box that arrives monthly with pieces a personal stylist chose just for me!

What I like about the items I receive is that they are a bit different than what I can find at my local mall. The top is from Stitch Fix.  The designer is Daniel Rainn.  I love the color and the feel of the material.  It is silk with a detail on the shoulder and front.  It is perfect for summer because it dresses up or down and is lightweight and breezy.


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Stitch Fix Review by Cathy: I was really impressed with my first maternity Stitch Fix!

I received a Stitch Fix gift card from John’s sisters as a birthday present. This was shortly after Stitch Fix announced they now carry maternity clothes, so I was beyond excited to give it a try.

The Pixley dolman sleeve top is a keeper! So much that I wore it to work the day after I received my Stitch Fix. The color is great as I’ve been looking to add some extra color in my maternity wardrobe. It also makes me look tan ;) After doing a little Googling, I saw that this top is technically non-maternity (yay!) so I’m excited to wear it after the baby is born as well.


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Stitch Fix Review by Monica: This was really a fabulous box!

I let the stylist know that I really liked the color palette of Stitch Fix No 3 so she selected a similar color palette, but she chose more forgiving tops that would flow over my hips.

This unlined blazer is perfect for my  casual life style – it’s the perfect jacket for cool San Diego evenings and freezing desert restaurants.  I also really appreciated that the stylist read my request for real pockets ~ none of than non functional faux pocket stuff.  These pockets aren’t deep, but perfect for carrying a lip balm or keys.


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Stitch Fix Review by Kelsey: My new stylist, Sarah, totally gets me!

My new stylist, Sarah, totally gets me (and wrote me an adorable note). I asked for neutrals, stripes, and a dark colored blazer, and she did AWESOME!

I specifically asked for this top after I saw it on Pinterest, and I not only got the top, but even the color I wanted! The knit fabric is oh-so-soft, and its colors go with almost anything. Plus, the dolman silhouette makes it a nice, casual option for days that I just don’t feel like dressing up.stitch-fix-review-by-kelsey

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