Stitch Fix Review By Lindsay: Great For Spring And Summer!

It’s my ninth box – crazy! It took a few months, but my stylist totally has me down now and I have kept so many things that I love. When I was packing to go to a food blogging conference in February, I realized that almost everything I was packing was from my Stitch Fix boxes. really do love it. It’s so easy and without it, I’d never update my closet. I was in dire need of the service when it began and I look forward to it every month.

So I loved these pants immediately. I love that they are a different color and they are so darn soft. They are also stretchy, but they don’t stretch out when you wear them. Amazing.  I sprung for them! I also love that they are cropped. Great for spring and summer!


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Stitch Fix Review By Amy: Now It’s A Challenge!

I was so happy with last month’s box, that I specifically asked for my same stylist again.  She seems to really understand what I’m looking for or, I thought, it was a fluke.  Well, I had her again and she really does get it.  She did a great job with meeting my expectations and exceeding it.  I think I’m going to ask for Jessica again for April and see if she can possibly pull off 3 in a row!  Now it’s a challenge!


This one surprised me.  I can’t believe I liked it! I took it out of the box and I thought it was a top, until I looked at her card which styled it as a skirt, ha.  Super stretchy and very comfortable, this can be dressed up or down.  I like the ruching on the sides. Well, if we keep up at this rate, I’m going to have to start simplifying again!

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Stitch Fix Review By Kelly: Bright, Bold Colors!

 I just want to give a huge shout-out to my new stylist, Sara. She totally impressed and surprised me. To be honest, this is one of my favorite fixes so far!I’d like to incorporate more fun patterns into my closet so this scoop neck blouse was the first thing that jumped out at me. I couldn’t wait to try it on. Everything about this shirt was a winner for me, especially those adorable gold buttons in the back. And it gets bonus points because it’s yellow. Sunshine yellow is one of my very favorite colors to wear.

rsz_stitchfixreviewbykelly (1)

When I tried it on, the fit was perfect.  I paired it with some mint green accessories and mint pumps and that’s when I knew I had to have it. This top is going to be really versatile piece this spring. Plus I can pair it with so many different colored accessories to make each outfit look a little different.  Love that. It looks amazing with a white pencil skirt for a dressier look. And when the weather gets cooler during the spring evenings, the bright mint green Cardigan that I got from my Winter Fix is the perfect pairing with it, too.  My new stylist, Sara, is off to a great start!

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Stitch Fix Review By Tabitha: Perfect For Springtime!

This month, I told Heather, my awesome stylist, to send me some things I could use for my Alaskan cruise in July. I wanted to start stocking up and wasn’t really finding anything in my closet already that I felt was Alaska-worthy. She did not disappoint!

After a depressing week of my jeans not fitting and coming to terms with the fact that the newlywed 15 is a real thing (even if I am only at 9), I decided I needed to buy some pricey jeans that fit and looked better. I was so glad Heather sent me some skinny jeans! The price was what I expected, even if I’ve never paid more than $20 on jeans before now. My favorite part about these is that the fabric was stretchy. I could fit into it easily and knew I would be able to whether I gained or lost some weight. These jeans looked great with a crop top or with a flowy, butt-covering number. And they’re dark so I can wear them to work!


To sum it up, I bought the whole box, and it was so worth it. Yay! I love love love Stitch Fix, and I’m really glad that I started ordering.

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Stitch Fix Review By Renee: Broadens My Limited Fashion Horizons!

Bring on Spring with my March Stitch Fix! For this fix, I specifically asked for tees and tanks that reflect the lightness and warmth of Spring. Living in Northern California, a t-shirt and jeans is what I’m wearing 85% of the time, even in the winter months, so its only fitting to make sure I have plenty warm-weather tops on hand. This Fix did not disappoint, even if I didn’t end up keeping all the pieces.


Why yes, those are tiny bikes on this shirt! What a wonderful way to pay homage to this fantastic spring weather we’ve been having (for the past 3 months!) I didn’t think I would like this top out of the box, but of course I had to try it on. Turns out, I love it! I paired it with the dark purple chinos I got in my January Box, but I could have easily paired it with shorts or jeans.

I want to thank my stylist Danise for creating another amazing fix for me and introducing me to new styles that dare to broaden my limited fashion horizons. I will continue to receive boxes on a monthly basis, because who doesn’t love new clothes without actually having to shop for them?

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