Stitch Fix Review by Erin: I Put this Baby on and My World Changed Forever!

And then it happened again. Stitch Fix went and knocked another box out of the park. From the minute I opened it I knew “oh no, I’m in trouble…with my husband.” I try all of the items on and I suddenly NEED IT ALL.

Initially I thought “a poncho?!” Aren’t these for grandmas or ducks or somebody else other than me?! But then, oh but then…I put this baby on and my world changed forever. Even the husband said immediately “hey, I like that! It kinda seems like you would never want to take it off..” and that husband of mine suddenly became the most right he has ever been. Perfection. PONCHOS FOR EVERYONE.

Stitch Fix Review by Erin

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Stitch Fix Review By Jamie: Simplifying My Closet!

A white and turquoise Stitch Fix box by the front door makes for a seriously happy mail day. And happened to coordinate just perfectly with the giant tea mug in my hand.


Since I’d pinned this exact cardigan, my stylist included it in my fix. Of course I like how cute it is, but I also love that it’s so lightweight. Perfect for spring here in Georgia on those days I can never figure how to dress because the temperature fluctuates so much. Or in summer when it’s 100 degrees outside but every store cranks the air conditioning up to arctic temperature. The jeans fit great. When my first fix didn’t quite fit the way I like, I went in and tweaked my profile settings. This fix was much better. I like the distressed-but-not-too-distressed look here, and the dark wash. That big cuff is stitched, but if I wanted, I could snip the tiny stitch to wear them long. Super comfy, too, with a bit of stretch.

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Stitch Fix Review By Rachel: Spring Midi Skirt!

A few months ago I decided to give Stitch Fix a try. There had been no new non-maternity clothes for me in quite a while and it has been difficult to get to the mall with a baby. I had seen some bloggers I follow get clothes from there and I loved the idea of it.


I had put this skirt on my Pinterest board and was so excited to have received it this fix! Midi skirts have been in recently and I had really wanted to try one. This one has a relaxed feel to it, plus it has pockets! I tried it on with the black shirt, along with a couple other shirts I already have and it looks super cute in each. My particular favorite is pairing it with my chambray shirt. Here you will find me wearing my blue Target v-neck. Because the baby has been fussy and I really didn’t feel like changing my shirt.

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Stitch Fix Review By Greta: Started Stitch Fix & Never Looked Back!

Yes, I have a personal stylist.  No, I’m not fancy – I just love the online styling service Stitch Fix…and recently received my sixth Fix since last August!  I don’t have a huge clothing budget, but what I do have I want to make smart + fun decisions with.  Plus, I’m a busy mama of two little ones and when I get free time I no longer want to spend it scouring the malls looking for the perfect piece for my wardrobe.  So I started using Stitch Fix and haven’t looked back.
I LOOOOOVE these pants. I requested olive green cropped pants, and my stylist picked the perfect pair.  I am not sure why they are called joggers (the draw string?) because I would never run in them, but they are a really comfy linen blend and the perfect length.  I love cropped pants in the summer to show off cute shoes!  Of course I adore the color, being a total olive green fanatic (always have been…so I am glad it is on-trend!)
I feel pretty confident requesting Hillary to style me again!  She responded to my requests really well and clearly was able to figure out my style aptly by checking out my Pinterest fashion board that I link to my Stitch Fix profile.

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Stitch Fix Review By Ashley: Perfect Coral For Spring!

Spring is my favorite time of the year to receive Stitch Fix! I love all of the fun spring colors and pieces. The warmer weather also means more dresses, shorts and sleeveless blouses. Now that Stitch Fix offers maternity and petite clothing, there are options for everyone.

Even though I sent back the Pixley dress that everyone loved in my last fix, I told my stylist to keep sending dresses. I am so glad to see that two more dresses arrived this month. The first dress is this beautiful BRIXON IVY lace dress. The color is a beautiful coral. The fit, length and style are perfect.  stitchfixreviewbyashley


Overall, my stylist at Stitch Fix chose pieces that are perfect for spring. I can’t wait to see what I receive in my next fix!

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Stitch Fix Review By Lee: Blue Spring Maxi Skirt!

Our AZ trip was a lot of fun. It was sooooo nice to wear Spring clothes, too! AND- my Stitch Fix couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Everything I kept in my latest box went right in my suitcase and came to Arizona with me. I felt great rocking some new outfits.


This blue high-wasted maxi skirt is AH-MAYZING. It is TOTALLY my style and my Stitch Fix stylist NAILED it! In the above outfit, I paired it with a crop top from Target, the drop chevron necklace I got in this Fix, and black flats from Target.

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Stitch Fix Review By Kerri: Bold Colors, Yes Please!

My March box, which arrived while I was still getting over the flu. Check out the beautiful selection that Jessica chose for me this month!! The colors are simply SCREAMING Spring. The first item she sent me was the BRIXON IVY Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse. I think I pinned this blouse a million times and I was SOOOOO excited to see it in my box. All my favorite colors rolled into one?? Sleeveless blouse that I can wear with a cardigan or without?? Yes please!


And….it was even more fabulous on! I love bold colors that I can pair with my Kendra Scott jewelry and blue and teal are my favorite colors of all. This top was soft and silky and paired with a bright blue cardigan, it worked perfectly!

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Stitch Fix Review By Mary Evelyn: Postpartum Edition

Not gonna lie, I was really nervous about getting this first Stitch Fix postpartum in the mail. I don’t care what size you were before you had your baby or what size you are after– your body just did something wicked cool and it’s going to be a while before you feel like yourself again. It’s also going to be a while before you recognize the figure you see in the mirror. So, when I wrote a note to my Stitch Fix stylist this go around, it basically just said, “Go easy on me. I made a new human with my body.” I asked for casual pieces that would transition well into summer and for items that could accommodate my post-baby shape. I think my stylist did a bang-up job and, since everything actually fit, she’s probably got a Nobel Peace Prize in her future.


Over a year ago, I asked my stylist for a chambray shirt but nothing was ever available in my size so I was super excited about this one! The fabric was ultra soft and thin enough to be cool for spring and summer. I feel like I would wear this a lot!

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Stitch Fix Review By Shannon: Orange Spring Fix!

I was so excited to get all of our held mail today because there was a Stitch Fix box waiting for me! With Spring being nice, but generally cooler here in Western New York, I asked my stylist to include some pretty colored pieces, but pieces that might work well with layers too.  I’ve been so happy with my “Fixes” lately, that I knew there would be some good items to choose from this month!


I knew when I opened the box that I was going to like this blouse.  I like the colors and for me, I like blouses that have a little bit of a pattern to hid imperfections like rolls and such:)  This blouse can be dressed up with black capris or worn more casually with jeans. So I guess I did it again.  I kept everything in my “Fix”!  My favorite piece in this fix was the Orange Geo Print Blouse.  The other pieces are going to be nice to mix and match throughout the Spring and Summer months.

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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: Being on my 23rd fix, I obviously recommend this!

Being on my 23rd fix, I obviously recommend this super fun personal styling service to everyone. I’ll tell you one thing; waiting for your box to arrive to see what your stylist chose for you is so exciting.  I opened my Stitch Fix box, and with a squeal, under just 5 seconds I told myself I would definitely keep one of the items.

I’ve seen the Dear John jeans before, and I think I even pinned them on my Stitch Fix Pinterest board. I update my board frequently with my SF outfits, and new Stitch Fix offerings. As soon as I held these jeans I thought they would make a lovely outfit for a day around town!

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