Stitch Fix Review By Julie: True Greatness For February!

Ok – honestly, when my box arrived I was somewhat skeptical.  I DID enjoy the mystery of wondering WHAT was in that box, but after a few fixes that weren’t solid winners, I didn’t have a lot of expectation.  Well, you know what they say about expectation – it really isn’t our best of friends…  And, when we let go of expectation, true greatness can occur!

I was pleasantly surprised by my accessories this time around! I have been wanting a new bag, and hobo is the way to go for this woman who carries the world around with her on a regular basis.  Make-up, water bottle, wallet, big phone, snack, journal, and more easily fit and still I can zip it up! Can’t recommend big slouchy bags enough.  I LOVE this bag and will now be a big bag addict from here out. The scarf is another item I was surprised by and absolutely love!  This cozy piece is as easy to throw on after a yoga class as on my way out during the day on a weekend.  I love how soft it is, and the light tones are super versatile.


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Stitch Fix Review By Dusty: Why I Love My Stitch Fix Stylist!

I recently received my 8th Stitch Fix and I swear each month it gets better and better. had a lot of great ones over the past 8 months, but this one Stitch Fix Stylist – Sarah – really knocked it out of the park one month, so I requested to have her as my stylist every month versus getting a new one each fix.  In addition to having great taste, I love that I can write Sarah notes before each fix and she doesn’t judge me.

This top is so soft it feels like pajamas, and so flowy it hides all the flaws!  The front has this unique watercolor pattern in kind of a bib-style cut (see below) – totally not something I would ever take into the dressing room if I were shopping at a store, but once I put it on I really liked the effect.

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Stitch Fix Review By Erin: The Best Shopping Experience One Could Ask For!

I wish I could appropriately describe how I feel every time a new fix shows up at my doorstep from Stitch Fix. One may assume that after 30 some fixes the excitement wears off, however for me it has been quite the opposite. For those of you who haven’t yet given Stitch Fix a try, close your eyes and think about this for a moment — envision opening your front door in your pajamas, looking down and seeing a box that is holding five pieces of clothing and/or accessories that were chosen specifically for you by your own personal stylist. It is the best shopping experience one could ask for.

Three things about this dress – I can wear it to work, it has pockets, and it’s warm enough for Winter. Absolutely a win in my book.

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Stitch Fix Review By Krista: They Are The Brains Behind My Fashion!

I signed up for Stitch Fix because I have a hard time pairing outfits and I don’t always have the time to stay in the the store to figure it out. I know what I like when I see it on Pinterest but can’t put it together in real life. Stitch Fix has solved that problem for me. They are the brains behind my fashion and I LOVE IT!

Now on to one of my favorites, Item #4 Braddon Airy Knit V-Neck Sweater. The fit of this one was perfect, I loved the airiness of it, which is great for Texas because lets be honest, it’s hot down here! I’m a fan of black and it actually went really well with the above necklace!

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Stitch Fix Review By Christy: Great Job “Getting” Me And My Style!

I had mentioned in the notes to my stylist that we are heading to San Francisco to shoot an engagement session in late February and I would love some pieces that work well for being a tourist there this time of year. Overall, I’m really happy with my Fix and think my stylist, Logan, did a great job “getting” me and my style!

First Impression: I was excited to see this in my Fix when I pulled it out! I’m a big fan of gray (since I have lots of bright accessories to top it off with), but was curious how this pretend layered look would work…

Final Thoughts: I think I like it! I don’t know?! What do you guys think?



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Stitch Fix Review By Chelsea: Yeah, I’m A Little Bit In Love!

Can I just tell you that I’m a little worried that Stitch Fix has peered right into my brain? I was just talking to my friend the other day about how I really need to get a new pair of pants– ones that I can wear on those “business casual” occasions. A pair of pants that isn’t leggings or yoga pants, but can be easily dressed up or down. Uh hello. These cords foot the bill. They’re absolutely perfect + the fit is amazing. Not too tight and not too loose. Yeah, I’m a little bit in love.

If I saw this leopard (or “jaguar print” as Alea calls it) print scarf at the store, I honestly probably wouldn’t buy it. However, after actually trying it on I realized that it would be so unbelievably cute with just about anything. I own a pair of leopard flats that I just love– so why not add a leopard scarf to my closet as well? This one is fuzzy and warm, too. Perfect for our freezing cold Wisconsin temps we’ve been experiencing lately!

Stitch Fix Review By Chelsea

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