Stitch Fix Review by Joules: Another Buy-it-All?

I’ve basically been looking forward to this Fix since about two minutes after I sent my November Fix back! I was extra excited to get this Fix before Christmas so I have a couple new things to wear for our various holiday events – I have some girlfriends coming over for a Bellinis, Brunch & Love Actually party, two family Christmas dinners AND two planned dates with my handsome hubby!

When I first saw this dress in my box I was kind of in love with the adorable fox printed fabric. I love a nice and subtle animal print, don’t you? The top of the dress is a super soft cotton mix and the bottom has a more substantial fabric. At first, I was a bit concerned that the high-waisted fit looked a bit young on me. However, when I styled it for cooler weather with fleece-lined tights, knee boots and a green cardigan it looks pretty darn cute.

Stitch Fix Review by Joules

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Stitch Fix Review by Courtney: This is my jam!

All in all, I was so happy with my shipment. I feel like my stylist totally nailed my style but also sent me outside of my comfort zone a bit, which is what I need! The best part was that it was SO EASY – no navigating the mall with a huge stroller and complaining kids.

This third item…this is my jam. Definitely my favorite from the bunch! The 41Hawthorn striped henley blouse is dressier – could be worn for an office meeting or a dinner out with friends – which is exactly what I need. It’s flowy but longer, so I can pair it with skinny jeans or black pants. YES PLEASE! I’ve already got this top lined up to be worn at an event we have next week!

Stitch Fix review by courtney

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Stitch Fix Review by Stephanie: My stylist knocked it out of the park on this one!

Ever since I switched to law, I realized that I was hopeless when it came to dressing professionally. I came from a science background: my parents were scientists, my friends were scientists, and my role models were scientists. In science, dressing professionally meant you wore jeans with no holes in them. Law was a whole new ball game. Thus, my obsession with Stitch Fix was born.

This burgundy dress is really flattering for my body type. I love the cinched in waist, and the color is gorgeous for this time of year. And… it has pockets!!! This dress is also great for both work (throw on a blazer!) and after-work hours. I kept the WHOLE BOX! My stylist knocked it out of the park on this one. I got a bunch of pieces that I love and are great for both work and weekend wear. What more could a girl ask for? Thanks Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Stephanie


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Stitch Fix Review by Maria: As a busy woman, this service has been an absolute lifesaver for me!

My 14th shipment from Stitch Fix arrived this week and it was another REALLY great fix! As a busy woman, this service has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I adore new clothes, but I hate taking time to shop.

I was pleased to discover that the first item my stylist shipped was a pair of Sophie Skinny Jeans from Kensie. Another stylist sent me the exact same pair in my 4th fix and I wear them ALL the time. I begged my current stylist to send me a second pair so I don’t wear the first pair out. I was already a little partial to this sweater because Pantone just announced that Marsala is the 2015 Color of the Year. Even without the announcement, I had to admit this sweater was gorgeous. It was also lightweight and super-comfy.

Stitch Fix review by Maria


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Stitch Fix Review by Kilee: This sweater just knocked my socks off!

I recently got my 8th fix and this sweater just knocked my socks off! I can’t say enough good things about the people who work for Stitch Fix or the enjoyment that comes from getting my monthly fix. Getting my box from Stitch Fix every month is literally like getting an amazing surprise present in the mail. I have my next shipment scheduled to arrive Christmas Eve and I told my hubby he can just wrap it up for me for Christmas. When I first signed up I felt bad sending items back- like I was giving my stylist a bad grade or something. But since then I have gotten better at communicating what I love or don’t love about every piece and I make sure that I only buy something if it would have wow’d me off of the rack in the mall (Like this chevron sweater!).

My subscription has been one of my favorite things I have done for myself this year and gotten me through many a rough day. You know- those long and rotten days are always better when a surprise comes in the mail.

Stitch Fix Review by Kilee

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Stitch Fix Review by Nicole: Treat Yourself!

I wanted to say how excited I get when someone new gets their first fix. It is so fun to hear what they got and how the Stitch Fix adventure goes for them. The best part of Stitch Fix is when you share, you get rewarded with a $25 credit.

I was unsure of a sequin top, but this is a nice and comfortable dressy shirt. Perfect for a night out on the town. Now, I just need to work on the nights on the town! My photographer, Jack (age 5) said I looked really fancy in this outfit. That guy know his fashion. I love the Just Black skinny jeans. I wear my green ones all the time. These are a smaller size, so I feel like they are only going out pants. Still stretchy and comfortable!

Stitch Fix Review by Nicole

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