Stitch Fix Review by Jamie: Stitch Fix Has Been Winning!

And finally, this top might be my very favorite. The Chauntal Leopard Print Contrast Trim Blouse was a fun addition to my closet since I’ve been wanting to add more prints. The simple pop of pink was perfect, too!

I was really late to the Stitch Fix party, but once I got involved, I realized I get excited for EVERY single email they send my way. I track my shipments and I look forward to the next box, even IF I have to space them out pretty far, to protect budget from my impulsive buyer ways. :)

I love that I can set up my style profile on their site and a stylist picks clothes out for me that they think I might like. So far, Stitch Fix has been winning! :) I can’t wait for my next box and I love that I’m getting stylish and trendy clothes without having to haul my three little ones with me to the store. Trying on clothes is practically NOT an option. This works perfect for me!

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Stitch Fix Review by Nicole: Stitch Fix Gets Me!

I got my third delivery from Stitch Fix a couple weeks ago and they get me, guys. They really, really get me. Everything in it rocked—either something I needed or something I didn’t know I needed but apparently did because I’ve been wearing it for a week straight.

I know I’ll wear this comfortable crew-neck sweater a ton. I don’t have enough neutral, wardrobe-staple sweaters. Adding new items to my wardrobes fills me with joy and excitement. Stitch Fix, you made my day with this fix!

Stitch Fix Review by Nicole

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Stitch Fix Review by Leah: I had to keep it. I just had to.

It happened! My second Stitch Fix box arrived, and I was way more excited about what was in this one than the first! Which is totally in line with what I have heard in the past about boxes getting better and better with time, as your stylist gets an idea of what works for you.

You guys. This dress. I don’t really need to say more, do I? I loved the color and loved that it fit in a way that made me feel good about my body. I also loved that it was something I could dress up or down. And while we are entering winter and this dress likely won’t get much wear over the next few months, I know it is something I would absolutely wear during the summer months. Perfect for dates or just hitting the town with Cheeks. I had to keep it. I just had to.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.39.10 PM

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Stitch Fix Review by Gina: Stitch Fix Wins!

With my last box, I requested some of the things that I hadn’t found for summer staples (like a denim jacket, neutral maxi dress and neutral dressy top), and Stitch Fix hit a home run. I loved everything! It included a variety of high-quality and versatile pieces that would also transition well into the fall season.

An awesome black Tart dress with flutter sleeves. It fits well, and is one of those perfect dress-up or dress-down LBDs:

Black dress  1 of 1

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Stitch Fix Review by Lee: #Success

I got my 2nd Stitch Fix in the mail this past week! WOOT. After my last Fix, I updated my style profile and let my stylist know a few things that I’m looking for this fall. I’m glad I gave those suggestions because she actually followed it! Check out what I got. This sweater was a major score! I LOVEEEEE 1. the cowl neck and 2. the fit. I’ve been all about the leggings and over-sized sweater look..and the fact that it’s a cowl neck…er mer gerd.

I was really happy with how my stylist followed the direction I gave on what I was looking for. I’m going to continue to build my Pinterest board so that she get’s to know my style a little bit better. I’ve been happy with the quality of the clothes, you can tell that these items of clothing aren’t made cheaply, which is big for me. I also love the fact that I am trying on clothes I wouldn’t necessarily pick out for myself, but that I actually end up liking on. #success

Stitch Fix Review by Lee

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Stitch Fix Review by Aubrey: It’s Christmas and my birthday but kind of better because it’s every month if I want!

Stitch fix is the best thing EVER! It’s Christmas and my birthday but kind of better b/c it’s every month if I want. My first fix was back in April or May I think and it was just okay. The style was not me at all but it actually worked out. I got a package (happy dance) of clothes (happy dance again) delivered to my door. I couldn’t really afford to have kept everything in it so it was good that I only liked one sweater.
When I checked out online I was brutally honest about the items not being my style and left a note for my stylist expressing this. Well, it worked! My second fix arrived on Friday and it was dead on! Behold…

First up and my favorite was this cute polka dot dress, it came with the belt and I paired it with ankle boots since fall is coming.

Stitch Fix Review by Aubrey


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