Stitch Fix Review by Olivia: It’s so easy and convenient!

Why do I love it?  For one, it’s just fun to get a box of clothes in the mail every month.  I never go shopping and rarely buy anything for myself over the kids so this has just been such a treat for me. When I do shop, it is almost always online and sending things back is such a pain.  With this service, however, sending items back is a no brainer as everything you need is included in the box.  I love the fact that the pieces are tailored to suit me specifically.  And I love that these are good quality clothes that will serve as staple pieces in my wardrobe for a really long time.

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Stitch Fix Review by Kelly: I am beyond impressed with this!

This shirt caught my attention as soon as I pulled it out of the box. It’s something that I would admire and love on someone else or on the hanger, but I would never choose it for myself. Maybe that’s because I think the print is too busy for me or maybe it’s because it’s super bright and quirky and I know it would make me stand out. Whatever the reason, I never would have even tried this on previously. But as soon as I put it on, I fell in love. It is so lightweight and comfortable. Plus I think the vibrant colors make my facial features pop. I love it. I wore this shirt the first night I got it to a friends birthday party and got so many compliments. Thanks, Stitch Fix and my wonderful stylist for breaking me out of my style comfort zone  and finding fun stuff like this that is just perfect for me :)

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Stitch Fix Review by Greta: Simple. Stress-Free. Fun.

These are all reasons I like it, and…it is really fun! Plus, you have control over it all (yay for control freaks!) You decide when you want it to arrive. You tell your stylist everything about you, what you like, what you want to typically spend on an item, and what types of pieces you want to see in your fix.You put whatever you don’t want in the shipping bag they give you and drop it in a USPS mailbox.Simple.  Stress-free. Fun. Totally non-committal. This time around I requested my stylist send mostly tops –no dresses (where would I wear them???  I have way too many dresses!)and pants basically are impossible to get right on my short curvy frame. And she complied – all tops!
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Stitch Fix Review by Ashley: Ask and you shall receive!

After having just received my twelfth box, I can honestly say that I love Stitch Fix more and more each month. Each month is always something new so it never gets boring. My Stitch Fix pieces are some of my favorite pieces in my closest and I have worn most pieces many times. Every single piece that I have received from Stitch Fix still looks good and fits well. I am constantly surprised by the quality of the pieces. My Stitch Fix stylist always knows exactly what to send me!

I don’t know how many times I’ve said that in past reviews, but it is true. I pinned this exact blouse from another Stitch Fix review and was so excited to see it arrive this month. This blouse is my style and I love the flutter sleeves, neckline and color.


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Stitch Fix Review by Marsha: Stitch Fix Home Run!

I am well of aware of the fact that it is not baseball season, but my latest StitchFix hit it right out of the park for me.  Spoiler alert:  I’m keeping it ALL!

I adore fall colors and this box was full of them.  And I love when they show me how to wear my pieces, because, quite honestly, that’s the hardest part for me.  First up was this amazing Bennie Heathered Stripe Knit Infinity Scarf from Octavia.  Look at these colors!  There’s tons of orange, rust, gold and some flecks of blue that make it a perfect combo for jeans and a casual shirt.  It’s so me!

Stitch Fix Review

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Stitch Fix Review by Stephanie : I got my 12th fix which marked my one year anniversary with Stitch Fix!

My goodness.  I love looking back and seeing how my taste has evolved and my look has changed over this past year.  I think that has come with finally learning to be comfortable in my own skin.  I’m loving my 40’s.

Fix number 12  was my favorite of all my fixes.  I loved everything my stylist chose for me. Second item up was this coral pink open cardigan.  Honestly, this was my least favorite thing as I was pulling them out of the box.  I thought it was ho-hum and not anything to write home about….that is until I tried it on.

It is super comfortable and very flattering.  I love the fabric. It’s a bit stretchy and it’s a little on the fitted side.  At first, I didn’t think I liked the fact it has short sleeves but actually I LOVE that it does now that I’ve been mixing it up with stuff in my closet. It’s perfect in the summer heat when you want to wear a little something more over your tank top.

Stitch Fix review

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Stitch Fix Review by Lauren: My Best Stitchfix Yet!

I was weary of the Stitch Fix deal for a while. I thought, “There’s no way anyone else can shop for me… I can barely shop for myself! Let alone someone who hasn’t ever met me.” But, eventually I read enough blogs about it to take the plunge.

I decided to try Stitchfix for a few reasons:

1.  I hate shopping, so I don’t buy myself new clothes all that often. Since someone else is picking out clothes for me to try on, this is a great way to get out of my clothing comfort zone and try new things!

2.  I also hate shopping because I don’t have time to shop. Really it boils down to the fact that I’d rather not spend my free time shopping – I would rather hang out with people, work on my blog, run, etc. This provides a means for me to find new clothes that I love without the time it takes to drive around town and hit up three stores.

3.  It is a fun way to “treat” myself with something I’d normally never do – like I said, it took me a while to take the plunge. I finally decided that I’m tired of just buying things that are on clearance for the sake of being on clearance. I want to spend my money on clothes that will last, and clothes that I love enough to spend on quality. Not to mention, it is just plain fun to get a box of mystery clothes to my door once a month! ;)

This must be one of the softest shirts I have ever felt. I love the pattern and fun stripes! This one I will definitely be keeping – I’m obsessed with it!

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