Stitch Fix Review by Kelley: Woohoo! It’s my favorite time of the month!

Woohoo! It’s my favorite time of the month! My Stitch Fix is here and I get to play dress up!

If you decide to subscribe to Stitch Fix, definitely communicate with them about what you like! I promise that when you’re super clear with them they listen.

White jeans are something I’ve been asking for, so I was super excited when I pulled these out of the box. They were nice and thick and stretchy which is important for white jeans. I liked the look of these two pieces together a lot. This is something I wouldn’t have put together on my own. Don’t I look super “with it”?


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Stitch Fix Review by Melissa: Opening the box is always so much fun!

I’m going on a cruise in a few days and was so hoping for some tops I could bring with me.  Luckily, my Stitch Fix stylist, Michelle had me covered!

Opening the box is always so much fun!  I love seeing my style cards with ideas of how to wear the items.  I also enjoy reading the letter from my stylist.

I requested some fun patterns and colors for this month, and Michelle definitely delivered!

Floral patterns are kind of my thing.  These colors are beautiful and the fit of the top is pretty flattering on me.  This is a definite keeper and going with me on my cruise!


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Stitch Fix Review by Jenny: I have to admit, I liked EVERYTHING they sent!

Next up, the pink tank, which I liked from the get-go when I saw it in the styling guide:

Brody: “Yeah! Mommy, that’s really nice! You can sleep in it every night. That’s really nice.” This was a hit with him.

It was a hit with me, too. I especially like the open back with the button closure up-top.


july 27th stitchfixreview

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Stitch Fix Review by Hollie: Nothing could’ve prepared me for the awesomeness that arrived to my doorstep!

I don’t know how they do it at Stitch Fix, but somehow my stylist completely nailed my size once again. These shorts fit like they were made for me and the little rolled up details are a little casual, fun addition to a plain pair of jorts. There’s a slight possibility that I’ve worn these almost every day since getting my Fix. Kept!!

So for the first time, I kept all 5 items! I loved every single piece. In addition to this, the box easily fit into my budget! Would you think I was redundant if I told you how much I loved this Fix?


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Stitch Fix Review by Molly: And man, I couldn’t WAIT for it to arrive!

It really is like Christmas morning when I know that my Stitch Fix is going to arrive!

I was excited to see another pair of Kensie jeans in my Fix! The first pair of Kensie Jeans I ever tried on I got in my second Fix and they are, by far, my most comfortable and my most worn jeans. So, when I pulled the bright red pair out of the box I was PUMPED. I’ve been wanting a pair of red jeans FOREVER!

These, ladies and gents, are a winner! I LOVE them! They’re really comfortable. They are the perfect amount of stretchy. The material is really soft – like REALLY soft. And they fit just like my other pair of Kensie jeans. So, these were a no brainer “YES” for keeping!


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Stitch Fix Review by Alex: I feel like my stylist, Shannon, nailed this box!

I feel like my stylist, Shannon, nailed this box! She included so many fun pieces to integrate into my wardrobe. The main reason I love this service so much is the convenience- things get delivered to my door step, I try it on with my current wardrobe, and send back what I don’t want.

This top is very similar to something on my Pinterest board (which I have connected to my Stitch Fix profile so my stylist can browse through what I’ve pinned). The crocheted detail makes me feel so dainty and sweet. I love the scalloped trim and the (unpictured) zipper up the back.

Seriously, super fun. Right? I’ve already worn two of the three kept items, and I’ve received compliments on both! Everyone I’ve talked to really seems to love this idea and I can’t recommend it enough.


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Stitch Fix Review by Jenny: Two fixes in one month, oh, yeah, baby!

When I sneaked a peek at what was coming to me, I was not too thrilled about this dress.  I have had my heart set on another Stitch Fix maxi which I think I have pinned a million times.  I guess they do not have that one any more. I was not too excited about the spaghetti straps because I can’t wear a supportive bra with it.  But, when I tried it on, I fell in love.  It lays so nicely and the fabric is super soft.  I do need to have it hemmed, which I don’t mind.  I love the black and white chevron pattern, too.  Verdict:  Kept

Yes, I kept the entire lot and I could not be happier.  Jackie, my stylist, did a bang up job.  She has done well for me in the past and I have now requested her for every fix.  Thank you, Jackie!

Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix Review by Rebekah: They had my style to the tee!

I’m super excited because I finally received my first Stitch Fix in the mail!! I heard about Stitch Fix through the blog world in the past few months and after seeing multiple people unpacking some amazing boxes, I knew I had to sign up myself.

I decided to keep all five of them… surprise, surprise. For the most part they had my style to the tee- casual, laid-back, comfy, but also some interesting looks to keep it different.

It is really a great site, and a fantastic way to try some new fashion and figure out new styles.


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Stitch Fix Review by Aislinn: I’m in love!

This month, Steffani picked my fix and I was so thrilled that she actually went through my Stitch Fix Pinterest Board to help her determine what to send me!

I am in love with this whole outfit. First let’s talk about this blouse which manages to hit all the right places and be stretchy enough to accommodate my arms and back.
Secondly, for the 2nd time in a row, Stitch Fix got it exactly right with the pants. I love them. They’re super cute and spring-y with the color and the fit is absolutely INCREDIBLE. They just slip on. No zippers or buttons. And there’s no gapping between my back and the waistband.
Hi. I’m in love.


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Stitch Fix Review by Nicole: Once again, I got Emily as a stylist and was very pleased!

For this fix, I had some pins in my June Stitch Fix board to help guide my stylist. Once again, I got Emily as a stylist and was very pleased.

I am in love. I saw this on another blogger’s review and pinned it to my pinterest page. Let’s just say that after trying it on this morning, I never took it off. Perfect with white pants and even better with some boyfriend jeans.


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