Stitch Fix Review by Elif: One of my most favorite times of the month is here!

Adelyn Abstract Print Drawstring Waist Dress ($68) is the first piece I saw out of the box. I love that this dress starts with a simple silhouette and turns into so much more with lovely details; the netted neckline, the pop art print (so of the moment), and the drawstring that accentuates the waist.

As this dress naturally lends itself to day wear I wanted to see how it looks styled for a night out. I put my own spin on the look by adding gold metallics with a open toe high heel, a mini clutch, and a gold cuff bracelet. You can use your own fancier shoes and accessories and the dress can make it’s debut at pretty much any nice event.


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Stitch Fix Review by Kelly: My own personal stylist!

So I have been hearing about this for probably a year or more and I just never jumped on board. When I went to Austin back in September with a group- they even gave us a great deal if we wanted to try it out.

And I just kept thinking, “I like to pick out my own clothes”.

I like clothes. I know my body shape.  I know how to hide the fact that I’m 40, have 2 kids and like to eat Mexican food.  ha!

But for my birthday, my brother and SIL gave me a gift card to Stitch Fix.  So I decided I would check it out.  Why not?  And I just got my first box this weekend and I thought it would be fun to blog about.

I have to admit – I was VERY surprised that everything they sent fit and I actually liked.  Most of it were things I would have never picked out in a store but I really liked them all.


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It keeps getting better and better.

Catherine, my stylist, has been a little hesitant I think in sending me dresses because I told her from the beginning that I don’t wear things that are short. (unless I can wear dark tights with it) I’m 5’9″ so finding dresses that are at the knee are just a tad above is a challenge at times. I also told her in my profile that I don’t like to show cleavage which adds another element when finding a dress.  But she has done great job finding stuff that meets all of these requests AND still is my style. This dress is such a great example of that.  I love the retro feel you get when you add a belt.  It’s such a basic color that I can change up the dress just with my accessories.


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I’ve been getting my fix for over a year now

I was apprehensive at first.   Mostly because of the price, but I found that the items I’m being sent are unique. They aren’t your average errand-running fashions, so I’m willing to pay more. PLUS, I found that since I’m not at the mall wandering around shopping for clothes all the time I’m ACTUALLY saving money.

It’s amazing how much my wardrobe has changed and my attitude. I feel stylish, put together and I no longer stand in my closet wondering what to wear. Instead, I can’t wait to get dressed in the morning.


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Head over Heels for Stitch Fix

This shirt is the perfect combination of casual but feminine wrapped up into one. It’s a henley shirt (can you get more comfortable!) and then the bottom has a chiffon trim. This shirt was a no brainer! … I can’t tell you how surprised I was when these pants slipped right on, no jumping or wiggling required, and they are now my most comfortable skinny jeans! It’s a soft denim and it almost feels wrong calling them a jean.


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As a new (second time) mom, I cannot recommend this service enough.

I am such a fan of slouchy, dolman sleeve tops, so this green top was PERFECT!!  I loved that the color is NOT a color I normally buy — my closet is full of black, gray and blue — and this top is great for wearing around the house when I still want to feel cute and presentable.


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