Stitch Fix Addiction

Do you ever look at your closet and realize you are in a serious rut?  Always buying pieces that always end up looking exactly the same?  Need a refresh?

I needed to get myself beyond my comfortable shades of grey. Then I started seeing Stitch Fix popping up all over blogs and I starting thinking, “hmmm.” I figured what did I have to lose and gave it a go.

I get giddy when I see that box sitting on my front porch; it’s like my own private surprise party every month!


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Stitch Fix is Really Awesome

I used to make (free) appointments with the personal stylist at Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom who would pull lots of outfits and accessories for me. I’d then spend a few hours trying on clothes in my price range before picking a couple of pieces to buy. As a mom I have no time for that nonsense but I still want to look good.

I was out with Leslie one day when she insisted I try Stitch Fix.

I’m now hooked. I loved all 5 pieces. I kept 2 out of 5 which I think is great for my first fix.


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Merry Stitch Fix!


-The skinny leg jeans are the perfect color and perfect fit!

-The top is also a perfect color and fit for me. (They paid attention when I selected “don’t mind showing off arms” in the survey).

-The cardigan (which is a charcoal gray) is a soft material… so comfy, yet the fit of it is feminine and flowy and not too big or bulky (which sometimes happens with cardigans).

-The floral infinity scarf is not something I would have chosen myself, but Cameron knew this would fit my basic style, and dammit… isn’t this scarf the perfect accessory for this outfit!?

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Each box has been getting better and better!

I remember seeing other bloggers get this top (in different colors) in their boxes back in late summer/early fall, and loved it.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to see it in this month’s box!  On the hanger it looks like it might be a little boxy, but it’s actually not at all.  It fits really well and the colors are great.  This top is really versatile….it’s great tucked or untucked and I can wear it to work or going out.  I also really love the button on the sleeves!


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Gettin’ My Fix with Stitch Fix

Last month, I got my first fix from Stitch Fix and I seriously enjoyed opening up that box and seeing which 5 items the stylist put together for me.  It was something I just thought I would try and hopefully like…but once I got that first box and tried everything on in my awkward party-of-1 fashion show here, I was definitely addicted and HAD to try it again to see if it could get better! I am happy to say, it did!


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