Maternity Fashion with Stitch Fix

Since I can hardly dress myself when I’m not pregnant, I looked to my friends at Stitch Fix. The great thing about this experience is that you can send them specifics of what you want. I detailed my need for clothes that were cute, but would accommodate a growing pregnant belly.

I was really impressed that Stitch Fix, who does not currently carry any maternity wear, was able to accommodate my request so wonderfully!


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Stitch Fix really is just as amazing as it sounds.

How would you like to have a personal stylist who learns your style, your preferences, looks through your Pinterest style board, and then picks out and boxes up 5 items she thinks you’ll love?  And what if this delectable box of goodness is then delivered to your front door, so you can try everything on in your cozy bedroom, away from harsh dressing room lighting and pushy salespeople, with 3 days to decide what you want to keep? (You can send back what you don’t want in a postage-paid package that they provide.)


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Pretty amazing

Stitch Fix had me at hello. Each box comes with a personalized letter from your stylist. Laurie not only took the time to look at my Pinterest board (and even sent me a shirt from it!) but also headed over to my blog and commented on one of my recipes in her letter! How thoughtful. At first glance at the stuff in my box, I was blown away with how accurately she nailed my style.


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Let’s Talk About Stitch Fix

About a month ago, an advertisement popped up on my newsfeed to try this new(ish) (new to ME, anyway) company called Stitch Fix. It’s almost like having your own personal stylist, and you get to try on the pieces at home. If you’re anything like me, the actual idea of going out to the shopping centers and waiting in long dressing room lines, just to find even the teensiest things wrong, and feeling all kinds of fat and gross in those not-so-magic mirrors they’ve got going on over there, is utterly terrifying. Of course we all do it, but who one earth would prefer all that, when you can get a box in the mail every month (if you’d like!) with surprise clothes hand-picked just for you? Exactly.


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Someone else can pick out my wardrobe and mail it to me? Sign me up.

All in all, I enjoyed my first Fix. It was something to look forward to and I LOVE opening packages. I also enjoy that I could give the Stitch Fix team feedback on what they sent me (through their website) so that they could change gears for the next shipment in certain ways, and leave it the same in certain ways.

This is a great service for the busy woman or the woman who could use some extra help making fashion decisions (me!!). Will I continue scheduling Stitch Fix shipments? You betcha!


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Stitch Fix #5

That’s it. I seriously love it. Here’s what I got this month. And this month I went a little bit out of my comfort zone and tried to dress each piece with what I had in my closet. You know, make it an actual outfit. I’m not a fashion blogger or even that particularly well of a dresser lol but though I’d give it a try!


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