A New Way for Moms to Shop: Stitch Fix

Do any of these statements describe you?

  • You are busy and find it challenging to find time to shop for yourself;
  • You feel like your body type makes it difficult to find clothes; and/or
  • You don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes, but consequently, your clothes wear out faster.

If you answered yes to any of those questions – I answered yes to ALL of them – then you are going to love this newish service.


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The personal stylists

Fun clothes delivered right to my door handpicked by my own stylist. For a busy girl like me, what could be better than that? I don’t subscribe to any other monthly subscription boxes and I am generally not the first person to follow this type of trend, but I love the concept of Stitch Fix.


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My Quest for the Holy Grail

If you’ve ever seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade you know that there are some treasures worth pursuing to the ends of the earth and there is something so thrilling about when a Holy Grail of Clothing lands on your doorstep in a beautifully packaged Stitch Fix box.


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Give Stitch Fix a Try

I find that using a styling service like Stitch Fix really helps when you have limitations. As long as you’re super clear about your likes, dislikes, and extreme particularities – it’s like you’re narrowing down the whole parts of shopping that you don’t have to look at. I can tell my stitchfix stylist – nothing high on the neck, structured on the bottom, loose up top, colors here, neutrals there, and let her do the hard work of filtering it all out. This is a huge benefit to me.”


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Stitch Fix #1

The other day I saw a link on Facebook for this online personal styling service called Stitch Fix. I clicked over to their website and thought it sounded pretty cool.  I often times get stuck in a rut with clothes, I like black and solid colors on top and jeans on the bottom.  Usually if I have something colorful or patterned on it’s because I was shopping with my sisters and they made me try something on.  Another thing that I liked about this is that the shopping came to me and I didn’t have to load two kids up and haul them and the stroller to the mall!


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There are a few reasons why I love Stitch Fix:

1 – I’ve been out shopping with all 3 kids a total of 2 times. Both times I swore I would never do it again and that I would wear old, ratty clothes until my kids are 12 and I can go shopping by myself. Yeah, I’m that lady with the kids that are crawling through the racks and playing hide and seek. So shopping for me right now is basically a no-go.

2 – The Stitch Fix stylists really have been great at choosing which pieces to send me. I have loved multiple things from most of my boxes. There was only one that was a complete strike out – every top was sleeveless, and I don’t do sleeveless. But after specifying that when I checked out, I have never been sent another sleeveless top. They really do listen to what you like and what you don’t like!

3 – It’s forced me to step out of my comfort zone. Many of these pieces I would have never given a second thought to if I would have seen them at the store – thinking they weren’t going to look good on me, or they weren’t something that I would wear. Well, when you have them in your hands and have the time to try them on (especially with things from your closet to match them up with), it makes the biggest difference.


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