The Time I Kept the Whole Dang Box

This was my very best Fix ever and I kept every single thing.  As in, I sent nothing back.  As in, my personal stylist (Jennifer) hit the ball clear out of the park and I couldn’t bring myself to part with any of the fabulous items she chose specifically for me.  As in, I was pretty flipping excited to write this review of my best Stitch Fix experience to date!


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Nothing is more fun than telling people you have a personal shopper and stylist

It’s Stitch Fix time again!  It’s becoming my favorite time of each month.  Sure, I enjoy shopping and I’m in the city a few times a month checking out my favorite shops.  Nothing is more fun than telling people you have a personal shopper and stylist…

This is my third fix (here are fixes number 1 and number 2!) and I think SF is getting to know my style better and better.


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I want it ALL. I’m so in trouble.

A letter comes with your Fix, signed by your stylist. I didn’t realize until last night when I actually got to sit down to read it that it is totally personalized! Mine read…

“Hello there!! I hope you love your fix today! I am super excited for you to start trying everything on! Your Pinterest was a huge help and I tried my very best to stay true to that and your Style Profile! Feel free to write in your Fix Request Notes to let us know if you’re wanting anything specific such as tops, dresses, accessories, etc.!! I noticed on your Pinterest that you love the mint and red color combination so I included these mint colored skinny jeans and this 41Hawthorn flower necklace that is nearly identical to the one on your board! Try these on with the Eight Sixty white tank and some flats and you have a complete outfit! Hope you enjoy! xo, Courtney”

You were on point, Courtney, because I’m keeping the pants and the red striped top.

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How awesome to have someone send you clothes to try on!

Because let’s face it, as much as I think I’m a big girl and know how to dress myself, I don’t. Especially after having kids, my body has changed. This new body is confusing, and mooshy in weird places and just all…different. Yes, even three years out and I’m still a lost little doe in a giant woods-like-closet of lostness…

Overall  I was super satisfied with my very first Stitch Fix. How awesome to have someone send you clothes to try on!


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What I love about Stitch Fix


  • While the clothes cost more than I would normally spend, even after choosing the cheapest option they have (most of the above items were around $38), it’s all I’m buying these days. I typically grab clothes on the Target clearance rack and when I get home I realize my clearance top doesn’t match anything or it doesn’t hold up well. And now, I have no desire to shop for clothes because I know Stitch Fix coming!
  • Even though you have to make a quick stitch decision (3 days to return the box), there’s free shipping and you don’t have to go to the store with your three kids to try on clothes.
  • I love that I can try on the items in the box (5 things come in every box, sometimes one item is jewelry) with clothes from my closet.
  • It’s so easy and time-saving! I don’t ever have to go to the mall again (!!), but don’t tell my teen daughter that. It cost $20 a month to get your fix on, but that amount is deducted from your box.
  • Stitch Fix has an amazing referral program. They give you $25 credit for every person you tell! I’ll keep getting a stitch fix (at least until I run out of credit). They also offer gift cards. What a great, fun gift to give!
  • Each piece of clothing comes with a picture card on various ways to wear the shirt or dress, etc. I need all the help I can get.

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Why I LOVE Stitch Fix

My experience with Stitch Fix has been fantastic so far. Each fix just keeps getting better, and I especially love the fact that I don’t have to go to three different malls searching for clothes. Who has time for that? Not me! This is convenient and best of all you have the ability to pick your price points. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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